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I work for kmart and this is the first time I've used this site. While searching the complaints on the company I work for, it is really no surprise that Kmart is having so many problems with the company and making money.

Being a employee should grant me some level of initial respect, but from day one the cashiers and the other employees even some of the managers were just totally unfriendly and didn't make me feel like I wanted to even be there, it very much seemed they didn't want to be. The service desk reps are rude to me as a employee but even more so to the customers. The other cashiers dress like they are at a community center. Some of the girls wear purple hair and this is acceptable by management.

The worst part from my point of view is that the company will put items on sale and only certain stores get that item, but they don't say that in the ad.

Or they may have a item that they should have its on sale and they are out of stock! Is it really so surprising why they have to cut my hours down to 10 hrs a wk? This is one of the worst companies I have ever worked for and I have worked for some shady companies before. Seeing so many complaints about the same company and all of them sound the same no matter where the complaint is from.

I am thinking I really need a better job. The hire me to work in receiving and they only pay less than $8 a hr. Mc Donalds pays more to clean bathrooms. So for those of you who hate kmart I feel you frustration and I hope you post more stuff to their customer satisfaction website at www.kmart.com/5star or call them at 1-5866-kmart4u if a company like this is gonna stay in business and keep in with a job they need to understand that poor customer service and inactive management is unacceptable.

I will never shop at kmart cause I see their BS everyday. BTW kmart in winter park orlando is one of the most unorganized stores ever, there emplyees fight with each other and management is turning a blind eye to everything, please help fight this kind of accepted policy.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Aiken, South Carolina, United States #1059025

Using expressions like ROTFL and WTF makes me wonder if you are even old enough to work at Kmart?

to fistedface Staten Island, New York, United States #1059760

I wonder that as well, I thought only ten year old's use that expression. It is not a proper way to write a business review.


As a customer I refuse to shop there. They are too S L O W !

!. Cashiers ring up merchandise at an average of over one minute per item! Price checks take from eight minutes to infinity.

The business deserves to go under faster. A pox on all their houses.

to Anonymous Staten Island, New York, United States #1059761

Sometimes people are slow because of an injury, sometimes because of a disability, sometimes because of old age. Would you like it if you were suddenly slower than normal and harassed for being slow?

Hope that happens to you one day so you know what it feels like. Then you won't have this issue.


I love Kmart but hate there website

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #936367

I have to agree Kevin Richards has no life. Maybe Pissed Consumer should give him an award for being the most obnoxious D****ck on here!!!

to justsaying Orange, California, United States #936491

I am just stating facts, unfortunately it sometimes hurts people's feelings.

Orange, California, United States #936331

With a title like that I wonder if you are even old enough to work. I doubt you are mature, this could be the reason you are having issues at work, you are lazy and childish.

to KevinRichards Los Angeles, California, United States #936363

Shutup Kevin! You are 15 years, live with your parents and don't work.

All you do is hang out here and whine. You are really in NO position to constantly judge people the way you do.

I see your name as the most active poster here and you should be embarrassed and humiliated by that, because it says you have no life and no friends. Some businesses will hire 15 year olds, I suggest you find one and apply for a job because you need some direction and focus in life.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #936489

I am 16 now. The person posting this complaint is whining.

This person that posted this complaint should be embarrassed. Why can they not down right admit that they are lazy and bad worker. I mean how many different people does this person have an issue with? If this person had a issue with one or two people I can see perhaps that she could be in the right, but it seems like this person has an issue with several cashiers and managers, and come on, using a title such as WTF is wrong with Kmart ROTFL makes me wonder if Kmart is breaking the law by hiring a six year old.

What adult uses those expressions.

That whole title shows she does not take things seriously, including her job. I know business hire 15 year olds, but isn't it against the law to hire six year old children such as the OP?

to KevinRichards Carnegie, Pennsylvania, United States #964040

What a loser!! You need laid or a chick in your life. Wow a 16yr old school child

to KevinRichards #1052255

I think if people acted their age rather than their show size they would get along better with their coworkers and managers.

to Anonymous Aiken, South Carolina, United States #1059026

You seem to have an obsession with 15 year olds, that is scary.

to KevinRichards #1052085

Sweetheart, Kmart is losing good, hard-working employees where I'm at because of the terrible way they're treated. Let's see...minimum wage, no raises because of a corporate-wide freeze on them even though you get excellent reviews, no vacation anymore for part-timers and lack of respect from leads and managers...gee, why would anyone want to stay again when they know they can get something better?

I once knew someone who likened working with Kmart to having an abusive spouse. She was spot-on.


store manager here sleeping with other employees and big wigs turning there heads about it


Honestly, majority of what I've been reading in the comments is true about working at Kmart. I've been a cashier for 3 months now and I thought I was the only one experiencing this sort of baggage.

They treat me like I have nothing better to do in life. They get mad if I accidently go 5 min overtime and shun me if I tell them I can't stay back an extra hour. My supervisors are ignorant and refuse to help me if they're "busy". And by "busy" I really mean: "Not in the mood to be bothered." Then when customers get mad because they've been waiting to talk to someone~my supervisor blames me.

The pay isn't worth it and when they need to cut hours~they don't care how little hours I'm getting. And don't get me started on the sears credit card.....

I'm honestly gonna search for a new job this week.

It's not worth the emotional baggage that comes with it. At least I know I'm not alone.

Oklahoma, United States #887091

I literally quit today from working at our local Kmart. I have not quit a job before this without at least a two weeks notice.

This was the exception. I did give a resignation letter, and HR called me and begged me to stay. I said I would think about it, but can't promise it will happen. Today, I called and told them I need to quit.

It was too much stress, for so little money, and no incentives to stay. Why should I stay and do the job of 4 employees, when I could leave and make more money at a different job doing the job of one person? I was hired as a cashier, which I have years of experience doing, then they almost immediately had me working the floor in other departments, just throwing me in that area with no training. The managers are horrible.

The employees are ALL miserable, and there are more problems that would take an eternity to list. I studied business in college, and how they run this company all across the board is corrupt and unethical.

to freeatlast #1052086

Even though you worked in Oklahoma, and I work in Chicago, I feel as if you worked in my store because the situation is exactly the same on all levels. :(


Wow I never knew that Kmart hired 12 year olds like the OP, the title and attitude gives away her age. Aren't there child labor laws against this?

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #936332

That is what I was wondering, the title makes her sound like a child.

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