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I found a tv on kmarts website advertised for sale at $569.99 with another 10% off for their "family and friends" sale, making the price $512.99. When I clicked on the item to put it into the cart the price jumped to $599.99.

I called three local stores but they were all sold out. All of the stores told me that they were on sale for $569.99 and the 10% off would make it $512.99 but because they were sold out I couldn't do a layaway and if they did a raincheck I wouldn't get the 10% off due to this being the last day for that discount. One store kept trying to push me into buying a more expensive model for $699.99. $512.99 vs $699.99 plus the tax on the difference, a little over $200.00 difference.

I called the corporate customer service number again, explaining that the stores were all selling the tv for $512.99 and the sale price on the website was $569.99 with another 10% off for the "friends and family" sale making it $512.99, the same price as in the stores. The customer service rep said that because the website changed the price to $599.99 that is what I would have to pay if I wanted the TV. He then went on to say that I was not eligible for the "friends and family" 10% discount because it's for employees and their families. The terms to that discount were clearly spelled out on the website as well as the stores giving the discount to everyone. There was just no getting thru to this ***. Everyone else gets the TV for $512.99 while I have to pay $599.99 if I want the same thing from the same company. He couldn't explain why the difference, why it changed price when doing checkout. He didn't care to make any effort at all. I hope kmart goes under and takes his job with them !

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #210059

I don't work in any department. Exactely how old are you Speak up or fix it?

You must be very young to believe that just becasuse I don't see things the OP's way that I work for Kmart. Now if I were eight years old such as yourself I would assume you and the OP are badmouthing Kmart because they fired.

However I am 17 nearly an adult so I don't make assumptions from just reading someone's comments. I guess I was too harsh on you because you are only eight.(or act that age) I still stand by this child needs a parent to explain to her what family and friends means Maybe once she is legally old enough to work she can get the discount to her family and friends.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #209941

reallyreallypissedoff, God bless you

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #209653

Well speak out and fix it you ***. Even they did have the item in stock they would not give me the sale price since it was for friends and family only.

Learn to read before making a fool of yourself. Same with you Irish.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #209310

When you run a sale, the sale is from day one till the last day, in the real world of retail they understand this.If you run out of stock you should give a rain check with the discount or offer the other set at the same price.But we all know Sears, Kmart and A+E Factory service are not in the real world of retail and have no customer service, there just out to get your last dollar.What department of Sears, Kmart or A+E Factory service do you work in Irish, sounds like LP damage control to me.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #208802

What you need to do is grow up and not wait till the last day of the sale. If it is that good a deal naturally it will be sold out duh!!!!!

Also the $512 is before taxes and shipping. since you are not entitled to the "family and friends discount you have to pay the $569.99. I suggest you get a dictionary to look up "friends" and "family" Maybe once you are old enough to get a job your friends and family can get the discount. Right now you need to grow up and not leave things to the last minute.

If you had went earlier then you would have gotton 569.99.

How do you know everyone is getting the $512.99 price except for you. Did you make random calls to customer and find out.

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