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I work for a kmart in nc, and its the worst place to work at!The managers are 2 faced, they threaten to cut their employees (cashiers) hours based on how many rewards cards the person has but does not make it fair to everyone (sales floor associates hour don't get cut) and the managers show lots of favoritism.

I honestly hate this place.

Its absolutely the worst. The prices are jacked up higher than what an item is worth and it's dirty.

They never check the expiration of perishable items therefore customers are continuously buying expired food and I refuse to shop here even being an employee.>:-(

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Kmart in pleasant hill ca is by far the worst job I have ever had the managers let there friends, do whatever work how ever long take long breaks and if you get the fat *** store manager are other one food they will let you take two hour lunches every place I worked had favortism but this place take it to another limit wordd can't

Jedi Knight Ethan

Alexa just go to Target then, they have not pissed you off. YET.


I have a friend who works for Kmart and she tells me exactly what OP said.The managers are very two-faced and play favorites.

It is also true about the rewards cards.

I haven't set foot in a Kmart in years and even though I loathe Walmart, I would much rather shop there than Kmart.I hope they go out of business very soon.


Really I don't remember Kmart being in Canada. How long ago was this. I do agree they have favourtism, they favour the workers who have good people skills and who work hard, not those who diss the customers, put down their co-workers and behave like a six year old.


You two are friggin Hilarious!At the risk of getting involved here and your wrath, we actually did have kmarts here in Canada..

years and years ago before Zellers took over. Seriously we did. They are more popular in the States though. Just saying.

And there's favouritism in every work place, and honestly, no one wants to hear you whining about your job.

Now..carry on fighting with each other.


Jedi, pissedconsumer29 is probably just mad that the managers would let him get high on the clock in the bathroom. because he sure talks like a stoner teenager.


I seriously wonder HOW exactly KMart stays in business???


I seriously wonder HOW exactly KMart stays in business???


I can't see how Kmart is going to stay out of bankruptcy very much longer.Kmart prices are higher than Walmart, and Target.

Kmart is not advertising as much as Walmart, and Target. Brand lines, named for Martha Stewart, and Jacklyn Smith are not what customers want.

Customers that shop at a discount store want good quality merchandise at a low price, not pricey, designer sheets.Compared to Walmart, and, there isn't much business at Kmart.


K lol.

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