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Haven't been into KMart in forever, but today I stopped at the one at 3142 West Sunset Ave

in Springdale, AR because it was closest to me at the time and I needed to pick up a few things. Found it so much different than Walmart.

ALL of the associates were helpful and answered all my questions(unlike at Walmart), no associates standing around talking or lounging when they should have been working(unlike at Walmart), a speedy checkout(unlike at Walmart), found all of the items I needed and more(unlike at the BIGGER Walmart).

I am thoroughly pleased. Take note Walmart!!

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Lea, I'll explain to you again since you're incapable of understanding anything the first few dozen times. no one takes you seriously when EVERY one of your replies consists of one, short childish reply.

and you're not a queen. unless of course you consider yourself the queen of fast food.


Never cut in line, never tried to force other customers to give me an item. Nice try again, Jedi.



Apparently she claims her husband works at Walmart home office and her idea of good customer service is that they allow her to cut in line, that they force customers to give her an item if it is the last one in stock, that they break rules for he, that they help her while on lunch break. She has entitlement issues whenever she walks in the store.


Wtf? If you shop at the walmart in my town they are great.

Everyone always does their job there.

Just because your walmart does not do that, that does not mean you have to tell everybody to not shop at everyone of them! ***!


Walmart really doesn't care about customers

They only want to put everyone out of business

Don't shop there!!!


The reason Walmart is not helping you out is because you lie and say that your husband works for home office. They would be more than willing to help you if you got off your high horse and stopped acting like you are better than them because your made up husband works at home office.

However you will change your mind soon once they don't give you what you want and bend the rules for you. After all you thought the Rogers store was good until they refused to bend over backwards for you.


^Butthurt much?


MsLea.. you're a lonely piece of garbage that lives off of the government, has no husband has no kid on the way.

you spend your time harassing retail employees, making up fake stories and eating fast food every meal of the day.

as for your meaningless little post, who cares? of course Kmart is going to give you more help. they're not packed full of insane customers like Walmart is so of course the employees have more time to help you. and of course the lines are shorter.

I rarely go to Kmart but when I do, I feel like I'm 1 out of 10 customers shopping there at the most.

and Kmart doesn't carry as much as Walmart does. I'm hoping you bought some pills to fix your attention disorder and your psychotic problems.

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