It is disgustingly too hot to shop for long or to work!It is awful.

This is on the part of the consumers and employees! Last night it was 86 degrees in the electronics dept per a thermometer that was placed there just to see what the temp was! It is ridiculous. Management said it broken or they are working on it.

It should have been fixed by now!

Employees and customers are miserable. Unfortunately employees can't really complain but customers do!

Every summer it is too hot in that store and every winter it is too cold.Other stores in the area do not seem to have that problem!

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I used to work at kmart they never turned on the heat or air.


They are trying to conserve.As you walk in you can see the energy sign that says they turn off the air or heat at peak hours.

Which blows when the doors open a million times letting in the heat/ cold. Really tho in the winter you can wear more layers but in the summer there is only so much you can legally *** lol.

Its dumb and I feel so bad for the employees specially the ones whom have to get the carts and cant find relief.If you want to burn up and swaet ur a** off then find get a ups job then youll even make more money and have a better schedule.


it is like that even in the UT stores - in the winter you wear winter coats and gloves to work and in the summer you want to rip your clothes off - so hot it makes you light headed and dizzy - care?No they don't gotta save every penny then can when they are a company barely treading water!

Customers complain all the time - and yea they don't care.BUT make a call with a customer in the store about a sale price or return and the customer complains then corporate will jump all over you to fix it - bu crappy working and shopping temp - yeah they dont care!


EVERY Kmart that I have shopped in in NJ is too hot and the same thing is said in them all, they're waiting on new compressors or temperature is controlled by corporate.Is every Kmart experiencing malfunctioning or broken air conditioning units?

That would be one heck of a coincidence, wouldn't it? The company is losing business in their attempt to save money on their utilities. No one wants to sweat while they're shopping and I cannot even imagine what it must be like to have to work in that kind of environment. After 20 minutes I'd had enough,left and went elsewhere.

I don't need to be uncomfortable while shopping or give my money to a company that treats their customers and employees that way. TURN ON THE AIR!!

Everyone I know is complaining about it and choosing to go to other stores instead.You're losing customers.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #168433

If the air conditioner is broken, than it is broken.You are obviously a child(and I thought they had laws against child labor).

It takes time to fix the air conditioner.

They have to call up the proper people.Till then learn some patience or like someone else suggest quit.

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #168357

simple solution.

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