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I went to Kmart to buy tulips.Which I picked out red ones (that is what was on the little tab in the dirt) I went home and planted about 100 tulips.

Weeks pass and they start to grow except what comes up is yellow daisies. Not what I wanted. So now I spent all this money on flowers I dont even like. Can anything be done to fix this problem?/ I am so mad..

I finally break down and buy flowers and I end up with ones I dont even like.

I wanted red I got yellow I wanted tulips I get daises..This sucks

Monetary Loss: $84.


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Thank you HmmWeird..I didnt know what kind of flowers they were cuz I thought I bought tulips.

They are going to stay there all year cuz I am not planting again..

I guess it could be


Those are not daisies, but daffodils.Daisies do not come from bulbs.

Very pretty flowers.

Be happy with what you have!Wonderful DAFFODILS!!


No NOT a joke.This is really what happened..

Actual pictures. I even called Kmart and they wont help me they said go into the store and they may be able to help.

I just want what I bought red tulips and I got yellow flowers..Is that too much to ask for??


No NOT a joke.And then I call kmart customer service and got nowhere with them.

So I am out about $85 on flowers I dont even like. Not a joke.

For real..Any advice on how I can go about getting this fixed??

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