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I went to Kmart to buy tulips. Which I picked out red ones (that is what was on the little tab in the dirt) I went home and planted about 100 tulips.

Weeks pass and they start to grow except what comes up is yellow daisies. Not what I wanted. So now I spent all this money on flowers I dont even like. Can anything be done to fix this problem?/ I am so mad..

I finally break down and buy flowers and I end up with ones I dont even like.

I wanted red I got yellow I wanted tulips I get daises.. This sucks

Monetary Loss: $84.

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Thank you HmmWeird.. I didnt know what kind of flowers they were cuz I thought I bought tulips.

They are going to stay there all year cuz I am not planting again..

I guess it could be worse.. lol


Those are not daisies, but daffodils. Daisies do not come from bulbs.

Very pretty flowers.

Be happy with what you have! Wonderful DAFFODILS!!


No NOT a joke. This is really what happened..

Actual pictures. I even called Kmart and they wont help me they said go into the store and they may be able to help.

I just want what I bought red tulips and I got yellow flowers.. Is that too much to ask for??


No NOT a joke. And then I call kmart customer service and got nowhere with them.

So I am out about $85 on flowers I dont even like. Not a joke.

For real.. Any advice on how I can go about getting this fixed??

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