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I purchased a component cable & it didn't work. I purchased it with a credit card.

The receipt got lost and they told me they couldn't get my money back. I just got robbed by kmart. I will not be making anymore purchases from little k in the future. This is why there business is spiraling the bowl.

This is the worst store experience that I have in decades.

I feel bad for the people that work there because with this type of customer facing policy they are sure to be taken off the board at some point in the near future. As a terrible company I will dance the dance of joy.

This person wrote the review because of damaged or defective of kmart refund policy from Kmart. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $15 and wants Kmart to issue a full refund.

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Kmart should have launched at you

Benicia, California, United States #1183966

You should have given the receipt to an adult. That way you would not lose it.

Yeah adults also lose receipts, but they are mature enough to own up to their mistakes and accept responsibility.

This is how I know you are an eight year old child. You blame them for your mistake and claim you were cheated when you would not have had an issue had you given the receipt to either mommy or daddy.


Unfortunately, most stores do require a receipt. You can thank all the shoplifters and "boosters" for that.

(in case someone does not know how that works, it goes like this: someone enters the store and steals merchandise.

A second person will return the merchandise, hoping to either get cash back or store credit on a giftcard. If they get the giftcard, they can still get cash by taking to a check-cashing place who will purchase the card and give them half face value.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1183475

Don't like taking responsibility, eh? Most stores require a receipt. Blame yourself for "losing" the receipt.

to mike Benicia, California, United States #1185928

Someone old enough to have a credit card should be old enough to own to their mistakes.

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