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The Customer Is Not Always Right: what customers NEED to hear...

***The life and times (and pet peeves) of a cashier/customer service employee/photo lab employee***

1. We can tell when you lie about already having a store credit card when we ask you to open one. Just say "no, thank-you." Unfortunately, it is part of our job to ask. We hate bugging you about it as much as you do.

2. If you buy the item, then take it home already! Customers forget to take their items home with them all the time. A lot of the time, it is because they are on their cell phone and are in their own world, not paying attention to anything.

3. We bag things the way we do for a reason. If we ask if something needs to be in a bag, take a hint: IT PROBABLY DOESN'T NEED ONE! Example: "Would you like to put the bag you just bought in a bag?"

4: Being told you are wrong is not the same thing as someone being rude to you.

5. Everybody should try to be humble- consider the fact that you DID make a mistake. Then you won't seem like an ignorant, selfish ***.

6. Read the *** coupons correctly. Example: "Buy one, get one free" coupons do NOT exist for $50 items!

7. If the light's not on, THE REGISTER IS CLOSED.

8. It does not matter who rings up your items. So stop being a racist pig about it.

9. No, we do not have a bag big enough to carry the 52" TV you just bought. And no, it will not fit in the SmartCar you drive.

10. "No dogs allowed in the store" goes without saying.

11. Pay attention to the expiration dates on the coupons. Not all stores accept expired coupons. The expiration date is on there for a reason!

12. If we ask to see an ID because you are buying an age-restricted item, we're not trying to invade your privacy. We're just following the law, so don't take it out on us!!!

13. Next time I see you leave a shopping cart in the middle of the street, I'm gonna smash one into your car. THE CART CORRALS ARE THERE FOR A REASON.

14. We know when you try to scam us by returning a new box with a broken item in it, or by using coupons on everything you buy.

15. We know when you lie about the price you say the item you think it's supposed to be. We also know when you switch the tags on the item to try and get a lower price.

16. Even if you're not lying, you still shouldn't not pay attention to the price and then *** about it when you find out what it really costs.

17. We KNOW the water fountain is broken. Hence the OUT OF ORDER sign in front of it!

18. Didn't you ever teach your kids not to scream/goof off in public/steal/lie/deface public property? If you won't discipline them, then one day the police will.

19. Yes, that dress WILL make you look fat.

20. Yes, that ice cream has sugar in it and will MAKE you fat.

21. If the employee is only a teen, don't call her "Ma'am." she doesn't want to feel so old!

22. We do make mistakes, but we still do everything we do for a reason. We do this for a living. We're only human, but we're not

idiots. I mean, would you really shop at a store run by idiots?

23. GET OFF THE CELL PHONE ALREADY!!! How can you be so rude?

24. You say that you have shopped at our store or years and have spent thousands of dollars, but you aren't aware of the 90 day return policy or the price match policy? ***. You can't make up your own rules to go with policies and laws.

25. Post a legitimate complaint. A complaint against a store because you were arrested for shoplifting? Get a life, and stop blaming everyone else for your problems.

26. The Holiday season is a BUSY time of year! Therefore, you may not get the item you wanted on Black Friday, or any other day in the busy shopping season. During the holiday season, we will run out of items, the store will be packed with people, and we can't help you as quickly as usual. GET USED TO IT.

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Well most customers are nice and polite but there are some you just want to slap across the face.Just like there are some people you want to slap across the face in the theme park, on the bus, at school ect.

I remember working in retail a long time ago, the customer would see you arrange something and put it all neatly in its place, then they take an item in the same area you are fixing and they see the item and put it back elsewhere in front of you when they see you have arranged the items already, so stuff you cleaned up two seconds ago is already messed up. It is not one item but several sometimes the exact same thing. Those people you just want to slap across the face. Then there are those as you and triplet said that go to a washroom that is clearly been closed, or clearly marked off because it was dirty, or to the water fountain seeing the out of order sign and complain about the fountain being out of order, or the washroom being dirty.

If I were the parent of the boy and anyone who threatened to rape my child because they were angry at me as they did in the story Firstborntriplet told they would be picking their teeth off the floor before security could arrive.Then again if I saw a parent treating their child badly because the parent was wrong, hitting them, telling them they "deserve" to be raped and murdered I would get their license plate and contact the police, (that if if I did not give them a taste of their own medicine first)

First Born Triplet

I like your points, but have to comment on them.

1.What is wrong with lying, if they are lying they are not going to get a store credit card anyways, if they were rude to you different story, but lying is okay because they want to move on with the purchase.


Look at some of the complaints, especially the Walmart complaints where the customer blames the cashier because they did not check their bag. Some people make nasty comments to them like next time go shopping with an adult who will babysit you and make sure you have all your items. This is a little excessive but the point is they need to man up and admit fault as well.

3. Just give the person a bag to shut them up, it cost like two cents per bag or something.


That is another common mistake people have on this site, they believe that being told they are wrong is the same as being rude.

7. We had a complaint here about someone who went to a register because the light was off. She argued the light being off does not mean the register is closed she abused the cashier to a point of tears and said she would never return to Walmart again. Seems like Kmart has the same customers.

This person even went overboard and as a teacher threatened to give her students failing grades if they bought their notebooks from walmart. She threatened to give a zero and not mark their work at all. 12. Yeah a lot of people think that companies are trying to invade you when they...

This probably makes you think that they are too young to drink based on childish behavior. 15. The switching of prices happens at every retail store, not just Kmart. Target and Walmart does the same thing.

One time a mother switched tags in front of her store. She taught her daughter if she does that she gets it for the lower price and ten dollars off because it was incorrectly priced. She only got caught because her daughter told the cashier that mommy switched prices. The child was trying to help the mother and had no idea the mother was scamming the store.

The mother went wild in this and threatened to beat the child if the scam did not work at the next register. It doe not because the cashier informed her the mother was trying to scam. The mother threatened to beat the child with a belt and slap her and have the police arrest her for fraud saying the daughter switched the tags. She left her in the parking lot saying that the daughter deserves to get raped and she hopes someone kidnaps her.

All over $1 extra that she had to pay. 17. There was in another chain store a closed for cleaning sign in the washroom. A man went in the washroom saying he does not speak English.

Then he complained the washroom was dirty. A mother with a five year old over heard him claiming he does not speak English and told them that he was warned. After the manager left he threatened to drag the five year old in the washroom and sexually assault him because the mother did not mind her own business, he was later arrested because witnesses were shocked he threatened a child because of a mother's actions. Then another woman saw a stall taped up with duct tape because people don't read the sign that said out of order.

It was messy and she yelled at the employee. Another crazy customer who overheard her threatened to rub her face on the sign and the toilet because she was being verbally abusive when she forced the stall open knowing there was tape on it. 18. Yeah some parents do not discipline their children, but some don't listen at all even if the parent does.

Some are afraid of disciplining their child. One mother hit her child for shoplifting and security warned her not to because the last parent that did that someone called the police on them for abuse. This was not abuse but only a simple smack. Not out of control but the parent still got in trouble for it.

19. You are wrong, it is not the dress that makes you look fat, it is the fat that makes you look fat. 21.

This works both ways where the employee is called a girl when they are clearly over 20.The funny thing is the person calling them a girl often acts under 15.

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Peterborough, New Hampshire, United States #234533

a few more complaints of my own:

27: no, we are not paid to babysit your children or the items you are buying. (one time, a lady actually had the nerve to ask us if we will watch her approx. 12-mth old baby while she goes out to her car. then she asked if she could take the items with her.)

28: you say, "Hurry up! I have to get going! I'm supposed to be at [insert little leauge game or family event or workplace here] STOP WASTING MY TIME!" Uh, excuse me? If you have no time for us, then we have no time for you. If you're so busy, then why are you in a place where your time is going to be wasted?

There are two things I quote here: (I dunno who wrote them)

"Bad planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part."

"So you're telling me I should drop everything and work on YOUR problem?"

Get the f*** out of here. Can I help the next customer in line, please?


Obviously HAZARD is mentally impaired.He/she assumes that all retail personnel are "uneducated, self-righteous, low wage pathetic excuse for" working selves.

With an attitude like that, it's unlikely you should get any customer service. Just like you, they are human beings trying to get through a work day. Each of them is an individual, and should be treated as such. But you show up already "knowing" that they are "inferior" to you, and I'm sure you treat them so.

That is, of course, not the best way to get someone to do all they can to help you.

I sincerely hope you display such respect and courtesy to waitpersons in restaurants BEFORE they bring your food from another room.These people are not your servants, they do not own the business where you work, and if you are as rude and abusive as you seem, they probably hope you will NOT shop there again.

First Born Triplet
to mikarvey #891603

Hazard is not as smart as he or she makes themselves out to be. Look at how they put 20%, they put the % before the 20, it should be after the 20. Just saying.

Ashkum, Illinois, United States #233168

I love how we're (retail workers) are being classified as a "whole". Yes, there's bad apples in the bunch. There's people working at my store that I wish weren't 'cause they just out right don't do the work they are supposed to and don't care aboout the customer. Instead of blaming the world for one person not doing their job, how about just informing a manager or the higher-ups about he situation; they will get to the bottom of it and find someone more willing to fulfil te roll properlly.

And no, I don't mean go to management with some *** problem that isn't a big deal either. The key is "be respectful". If you show respect and stay polite and calm, we will get the problem taken care of.

About sales, you're right, I'll get right on memorizing the 262 items we have on sell this week, and the 698 items we have in our monthly add, sir. End sarcasim here...Personally, I'll have good idea of what is on sell on the top of my head, and have an ad paper with me while I'm working. Sorry, but that's the best I can do. I will say that it does get tiring that I have to go up to a register to find out what so and so said was on sell and for me to go check it, mainly because of my next point; that it takes me all but 45 sec-1 min to go right to the item and check the price for you.

What else do I need to cover...oh, saying we're all uneducated is just a biggot thing to say.

"The customer IS always right...until they're wrong." ...

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Peterborough, New Hampshire, United States #229005

1) I'm not trying to act all high-and-mighty and smarter than everybody. I just want some of the *** *** that people do to end, that way we can all get along a little better. By the way, I'm in college so I can one day get a better job, so I'm not as dumb as you think.

2) I DO pay attention to the sales. I read the Ad from the store every week when it comes out. And our sales don't last a month, they change every week. It's not like everybody can memorize every single sale. We deal with the prices of the items as we get to them.

3 & 4) Who said I couldn't do my job? If I couldn't do my job, I would have quit already.

5) So two wrongs make a right?

6) If the item coupon applies to what the customer buys, then we accept it, no questions asked. But coupons say more than just "save $X off of [item] now!" they also have expiration dates, and specific instructions on how/where/when to redeem the coupon, and what exactly you should buy. Many customers don't pay attention to these things. And since you say that you have worked in retail, you should know these things.

7) I was never talking about misplaced/nonexistent "Out of Order" signs. And in our store, if something is out of order but doesn't have a sign, it is most definately an item that only employees use, not customers.

If you read the title of the complaint, you will see that I don't just cashier. In fact, I mostly work in customer service and photo, and rarely cashier...

This website is full of customers who believe that a retailer has done something bad to them. So that is why I am going against the norm here to remind EVERYBODY of the things that I mentioned above, so hopefully everybody can be happy when they go shopping. Since apparently all retail employees are either too young or too *** (you say that you once worked in retail, so therefore you just called yourself ***) read the comments I wrote, since when you actually go to the store, the employee will either be too apathetic/*** (or even just too polite) to tell you them.

We don't like dealing with dumb customers. And I know you don't like dealing with bad employees either. Our jobs do depend on customers, but just remember that in this country and in this economy, your lives depend on shopping, and therefore you depend on us retail and customer service employees.

For the record, I currently work at Target. I just happen to read the complaints here on different stores, and I posted this "complaint" on different stores to reach a wider audiance.

Responding to Hit The Nail, I actually like working in customer service. I like the challenge of dealing with difficult situations and difficult people. And whether it is before or after the customer pays for their item, if they are nice and polite (which a person can be even if there is a problem) then I have all the patience and all the time in the world to help them.

Thank-you for your comments.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #228872

Hazard hit the nail on the head,we the shoppers are tired of this bull*&^%$ we have to put up with.All retail stores seem to have problems with there customer service, but not at the level of this chain of stores,Kmart/ Sears and A+E Factory service, they treat there customers like ***. There all smiles till they get your money, but when a problem arises due to being charged to much or defective merchandise then there claws and fangs come out and they dont want to help you.The problems you might have at other retail chains are very slight compared to this retail chain. Save a lot of stress and shop some where else.


Well, retail ***, if you had an education or were worth a *** in something other than retail, you wouldn't have to deal with it. I worked retail for a long time: as a teenager. So here's some things for you:

1) If you work at a cash register, you're not a rocket scientist. Don't act like you're as smart as one.

2) Pay attention to your own store sales. You shouldn't have to call 14 people to find out there's a %20 off sign in the toy department that's been there for 4 weeks already.

3) you're not the only ones stressed out during the holiday. CUSTOMER SERVICE is part of your job. If you can't handle upset/grumpy/disgruntled customers, try working at a McDonalds instead, since that's where your skill set maxes out.

4) When you bag things, since you have a REASON to bag them that way, try not to put ALL the heavy stuff in one sack, and ALL the squishables in a sack with cans, and try to put things in a bag so the bag doesn't break. It's not rocket science, but since you can't do the SIMPLEST of jobs right, why the *** do you expect to be treated like you're smart?

5) Your stores and you employees lie ALL THE TIME to customers, but you want people to be honest with you? Get a grip on reality.

6) If YOUR item has a 'save XX$ now!' coupon on it, pull the *** thing off and scan it. In fact, pay attention to your job and do it like you mean it instead of half-assing everything you do.

7) OUT OF ORDER signs are great, if...

In fact, people who *** about customers when you're a freaking CASHIER is retarded. You're in an entry level job for the unskilled. underage kids who don't speak english could do your job, frankly.

You want to be treated better? It goes both ways. Almost every store you go to is staffed with apathetic low IQ teenagers or kids in their 20's who can't be bothered to know enough about what their store is selling to have a godawful clue, and yet it's the CUSTOMER who is wrong. The CUSTOMER is why you have a job, dummy. Otherwise, why don't you go use those mighty brain skills in a warehouse or something where you'd make more than minimum wage and don't have to deal with retail people?

guess what - we, the shoppers, HATE dealing with your uneducated, self-righteous, low wage pathetic excuse for a working self. it would be awesome if a store these days actually had DECENT customer service. Unfortunately, decades of dealing with apathy, lies, excuses, fraud, sloppy stores, uncaring workers, and being treated like a problem instead of like the reason you even have a job has left the shopping public bitter.

No, the customer is NOT always right. But on the same token, most customer service these days SUCKS, we're giving money to your store and because of that deserve to be treated like a valued customer, not like a pain in your butt. this is why online shopping is taking off so well too - not JUST delivery, but because people generally HATE going into stores and trying to deal with the fu@@*ing retard working the counter.

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to Hazard #891349

I can't like this enough.Seriously *** these *** *** cash register jockeys.

It's why I do 99% of my shopping online.

I hope all these *** stores go out of business.It's their own *** fault.

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