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The Kmart smart plan should be called a dummy plan, because they will make anyone who buys it look like a dummy when you try to get a replacement or repair for any of their products. They promise you at the register that if anything happens to your product, they will replace it no questions asked.

That's the first lie, they will ask you a million quetsions then not repair or preplace the damaged product. You pay for a service that is not worth the paper it is printed on and that's saying a lot since their receipt paper fades out in a matter of only a few weeks.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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My claim was approved but there was some mistake issuing my email gift card,ive called several times ,they said someone would call,no call,,they said theres no manager i can talk to,theres nobody in the actual gift card department i just get the same run around. So now im waiting for the imaginary phone call again..

Customer service is ridiculous how hard is it to send out an email? The customer service is as defective as the merchandise.


Update 3 weeks later no giftcard in email and their office message says its closed due to unforseen circumstances what a complete rip off.


These people lie. I have 1 yr left on protection plan, but they say it is expired.

Says it takes over when manufacture warranty expires. There booklet even says that, but nope..they lied.


That Kmart smart plan is the PITTS. Just give me my money back in the form in which I paid that's all I asked.

They no longer carry product I should be able to go out nd buy another from somewhere else. WALMART ALL DAY EVERYDAY WHEN IT COMES TO WARRANTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would just like to add a positive review for the plan.. I bought a breast pump on layaway in march..

picked it up.. used it for about two weeks.. something just wasn't right, It would turn off and lose suction for no reason..i left it in the closet because the baby came in june..two weeks ago..i decided to call and find out what to do.. I had my plan pamphlet but had lost my receipt..

I called and they couldn't find my info or purchase, luckily im a rewards member I called them and they gave me the info.. I called smart plan back and she was able to get it going..

she emailed me my ups label, and I sent it out..4 days later arrived there..two hours later my claim was approved and im now waiting on my gift card.. 7.99 I ever spent.

@mom of 6

You must be the only one who ever had a representative approve a claim.

@mom of 6

Did you ever get the gift card? Im approved too and im still waiting on gift card to be sent to my email....


"Considering you keep claiming these fake posts are being written by me and they say Toronto on them, it is of course YOU.

Yeah funny how the OP "forgot" to mention that part in this review.


thats why the cashiers tell you to make a copy of your receipt, so if the time comes, your info won't be faded.


What if you make a purchase online and only receive a packing invoice and no receipt attached? I purchased a smart plan recently online thru with the purchased item and cannot register the smart plan. Anyone have any clues how to fix this?


A) you have to call to register the plan so if you lose your receipt you don't have issues B) you need to call them if something happens C)they usually send you a replacement or a gift card to get a replacement.

So it is you that is the "Dummy" not the plan


Must've been something that you did. Our Smart Plan does cover any normal wear & tear etc. after the manufacturer's warranty expires.

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