Figured out that Kmart for some reason closed at 8:00, which seemed a bit early to me.So I rushed over there, and was pleased I made it by 7:55, because all I had to do was run in and grab something and I'd be out within a couple of minutes.

I figured if the store was closing, they would at least lock the doors, right? And since they close so early, you think their hours would be obvious, right? No to both. The hours were on a tiny, ripped sign on the door, and when I walked in the doors opened right up for me.

However, as soon as I enter the store, the cashier turned to me and rudely yelled "Excuse me! We're closed now so please leave!" When I stood there quietly for 1/2 a second, caught off guard, she yelled again "Excuse me! Leave please!"

I understand that when a store closes, it closes. But one, there was still 5 minutes before closing.

Two, there was a thousand nicer ways of telling me the store was closing than to rudely yell at me. Three, the cashier was still busy checking a few customers out, it's not like she was one step away from closing up shop or anything. Finally, if they don't want people entering, lock the doors and have a clear display of hours showing the store is closed!

Don't leave the store doors open and then yell at customers when they walk in thinking the store is still open!Never shopping at Kmart again.

Review about: Kmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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An 8pm close means they CLOSE at 8pm, not that customers can enter until 8pm. They have just worked their shifts and are ready to go home.

There is nothing worst than customers with zero regard for retail employees.

Wyandanch, New York, United States #747351

Let me just address this issue right away.The majority of employees and managers in retail are paid by the hour.

The standard practice or retail companies today is NO overtime is allowed period. The budget payroll hours given to the store is usually always minimal with zero flexibility. So this means your little shopping visit for 10 min or so after the store has closed can be very damaging to the stores bottom line. They not only have to be tied up waiting on you after closing, but there is closing tasks the employees must perform.

The tasks are figured into the payroll budget.

Not you keeping them after closing time.Your little trip after cloising could cause serious overtime issues depending on when their pay period ends.


At many stores an employee will stand at the entrance and not let people in anywhere from 15-30 minutes before closing time, and will be very nasty when you challenge them on what time it actually is versus when the actual posted closing time is.

Livonia, Michigan, United States #668184

Where do people get this absurd sense of entitlement?Imagine you were in their spot, getting paid minimum wage to deal with people who somehow think they deserve to be waited on hand and foot.

When a store closes for the night, the employees want to get the *** out of there as fast as possible.

Do people who work in offices schedule meetings at 4:55?No.

How did you lose $40 by not being able to purchases something?

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #656891

You were cutting the time awfully close.If you hadn't made it to the store five minutes before closing, and it was already closed when you got there it would still have been a wasted trip.

Was the item you needed such a matter of life and death that it couldn't wait until the next day.As a whole stores don't admit people that close to the closing time, they just finish checking out the customers that are already there.

to anonymous #658115

true they finish checking out the customers that were in the store prior to it closing...like the original poster clearly stated, they were there 5 minutes before closing.

I don't care if it is 15 minutes or two minutes. They have a job to service their customers.

Automatic doors have an exit only feature that could have easily been in place.

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