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I purchased a diamond ring from Kmart and in less than a month one of the diamonds fell out. I called the "smart plan" as I purchased the extra warranty for my ring.

They received my ring on May the 3rd, 2012 and they NEVER called me I called them every Thursday with no answers. I have all the names of people I talked to and the dates and times, as well as what they said to me. Every time I talked to someone I received a different answer, ranging from I don't show we have it, to it is being fixed now and will be to you soon, to oh you will get a gift card. WELL here it is July 3rd and I received a check in the mail with NO explanations, and it was not the full amount I paid.

So I am out a ring and do not have the full amount back.

NOT HAPPY AT ALL. I will never ever ever purchase anything with them as the plan holders it was a huge JOKE.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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It does not matter that it was bought at Kmart. People go where they can afford to shop at.

What matters is that Kmart will not back a customer with a valid complaint. Maybe that is why they are going out of business.


I agree with "IHateStupidCustomers". Sorry but if you buy jewelry from a reputable dealership and not a budget store like Kmart, you will get the quality and care you pay for.


If you were careful it would not have broken.


Funny you should say that because I was very careful with my ring thank you! You cannot judge me when you have no clue!


Since you were careless with your ring, I think you are not mature enough to own one.


I don't understand why people go to stores like Kmart for jewelry.

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