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I tried to return items bought by my daughter that was visiting from OKLAHOMA. She has 3 small children very busy, receipt was discarded with bags in trash.

Tried to return 2 items that she purchased, shampoo and conditioner, valued at 5.99@. My intention was to get store credit , which WALMART!!!! does, and spend it as soon as I got the store credit card. Your customer service person and manager said, ABSOLUTELY not, explaining store policy.

I clarified why there was no receipt, still an emphatic NOOOO. Well, I will drive the extra 5 miles and shop at WALMART exclusively, and you will loose more than 12.00 REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY BAD CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE AND POOOOOR SERVICE.

Review about: Shampoo.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

I liked: Store.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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Here's a tip for you: if you're a shop your way member, Kmart will email you a copy of your receipt upon request. If she did that, you could just have her email you a copy of the receipt and you could get the refund done that way. They will except the receipts, I assure you

to Anonymous #1330428

I appreciate your input.

You understand the root issue, which is poor customer service.

It is a pleasure to communicate with someone that has class and great communication skills.


You can only blame your daughter for being irresponsible and lose her receipt. You did not raise her right if you are making excuses for her.

Do you really think that your daughter is special because she has three children? Maybe someone should take your daughter's children from her and put them in a foster home, Who knows one day she may forget to feed them.

to Youaredumb #1330426

This sight is for customer service issues, not people bashing.

You should see an anger management counselor instead of using this arena to spew your venom.

New York, New York, United States #1318104

NewsFlash - Nobody cares that your daughter is busy with 3 kids she chose to have and can't keep track of receipts. Such a fuss over $6 worth of hair products ? Grow up !

to Anonymous #1330423

obviously you have other personality and anger issues. You seem to enjoy bashing people you don't know.

The point of this sight is customer service issues, not people bashing. How the receipt was lost is incidental.

There are good counselors that can help you resolve your hostility.


So YOU seem to think that because one store does something that EVERY store should do it. A receipt is PROOF that you did purchase the item either at THAT store or THAT company.

If YOU cant be bothered to keep that receipt then DONT BOTHER trying to take it back!!! Thats a YOU problem and NO wally world DOESNT do that all the time. ONLY on items they are sure wally world sells!!!

PLEASE do the world a favor and keep your cheapness AT walmart. YOU deserve what YOU get at walmart.

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