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Sunday 7/17/16 my wife and I went into the K-mart on Brice Reynoldsburg, OH to shop.

After making a purchase we were leaving and had just walked out the front door and that’s when we saw a shopping cart against our car. We went to the car and moved the shopping cart back and saw that it had put a decent dent in our car. At this point I went back in the store and to the customer service desk to ask about getting the damage fixed due to their negligence in keeping the carts gathered up. The young man at the desk told me they do not take care of liability issues and they won’t do anything to fix the dent.

He was not understanding and with a smirky facial expression, gave the impression I was bothering him. I asked to speak to the manager. He called someone and shortly a man named Roger who was a supervisor came up from back in the store. I told Roger what happened.

He told me Kmart will not take care of the damage. He said they do not take care of any liability issues. He also told me K-mart does not own the shopping carts, they are rented from another company. I’m sure Kmart employees gather the carts up at the end of the day and bring them into the store as I know customer’s do not collect them from the lot and take them back in the store.

It seems it’s negligence on the part of Kmart in not keeping the carts gathered up to prevent them rolling into their money paying customers cars and causing customers to lose money while shopping in their stores. Finally Roger took my name and phone numbers and walked out to my car and took the license plate number and looked at the damage the cart did to my car. Roger told me that location’s loss prevention person(Angel) was not in the store that day and she should be in Monday the following day and he would give her the information and have her contact me. It’s now Thursday, 4 days after the incident, and I have not received a call from Angel or at least the store manager Roger Ball.

I’ve checked my voicemail and my caller ID and nothing. Today, 7/21/16, I looked up K-mart’s corporate number online and called them. I initially spoke with a person whose English was very difficult to understand and I had to ask again what she had said. She then connected me with a person named Brittany.

I again this time told Brittany what happened and to make it short, Brittany told me Kmart will not do anything to take care of the damage to my car caused by the shopping cart from their store. She was not empathetic to my issue. She in turn told me about her vehicle being damaged and not being taken care of. In telling me this and the tone of her voice it came across to me that it’s happened to her and this kind of thing happens often and she could care less about it happening to me and how I feel.

She at this point also gave the impression I was bothering her. At this point I asked her if it is correct that Kmart will not do anything to repair the damage to my car from the shopping cart hitting it and she said “yes” I was correct they will not repair the damage to my car. Based on this experience it is very easy to assume Kmart does not care about it’s customers. I spend money with them and in return, because of their apparent negligence, they will not take care of an issue they have and have cost me several hundreds of dollars it will cost me to get my car fixed.

I recommend no one shop at Kmart unless you want to have to shell a lot of extra money out of your pocket and deal with uncaring Kmart employees.There are plenty of other retailers, other than Kmart, who would love your business.

Review about: Kmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Kmart may be a little less messy than Walmart, but that's only because there are no shoppers in Kmart to make a mess!


WTF a bent? if a rock hits your car driving down the road do you blame Jesus?

Start taking a bus


Why is kmart negligent?How can you prove it is kmart's fault that your car was damaged?

Some *** of a person could have pushed that cart into your car just because or just let the cart roll into it and not care.

That does not mean kmart as a company damaged your cart.If someone got hit the head by a hammer, are you mad at the company who made the hammer or the person who hit you with the hammer?


Maybe it's true that a cart hit your car (perhaps by you pushing the cart into your car in hopes of getting money from K-Mart,) but nothing else is adding up.If you are walking into the store, how did you see your car that was behind you?

That seems rather convenient. Next, you said K-Mart is "negligent" because not every human being is decent enough to return the carts into the cart rack. While it is a huge pet peeve of mine that people are that lazy, I've never been to any store anywhere ever that has someone patrolling the parking lots 24/7 for the *** that just leaves their carts wherever they want. Finally, I think you are leaving out how you treated everyone.

They may well have ended up being short with you, but that was probably after 20 minutes of listening to you go on and on and on and on and on about the same thing, despite them giving you the same answer.As if some high school customer service clerk makes decisions for an international organization.


Unless that have signs clearly posted stating they are not liable, you might be able to take them to small claims court and win.

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