Akron, Ohio
Not resolved

Made an order for same day pick up. Never received text for pick up.

Called the store they did not have the item

Contacted customer service to cancel my order. They were rude and refused to cancel order good customer service is the key for repeat business. Problem solving to satisfy a good customer does wonders. Never ever again.

No wonder they are failing

I waited all day. I should have just went out to another retailer before placing an order.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kmart Customer Care.

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Or, and here's a novel idea: you could have driven to the store, went inside, examined personally the items you wanted, paid for the groceries and driven home with them. Wow!

Problem solved. Why Kroger or any other store caters to people who cannot do the simplest of things, ie., shop for groceries is a mystery.


I agree with you. I always look through all of the products to get the freshest ones with the latest expiration dates on them.

I would be too afraid that the people filling my order would give me a bunch of stuff that was about to expire. I'd much rather pick out my groceries myself.


I always love reading your comments. You are very funny.

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