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We shopped on racks for up to 70% off. Our sale prices should have come up to $17 for two shirts and a pair of pants when we got uo to the register she said $45 and refused to listen to me for a second when i said there was like twenty of each item on the racks we chose from.

Then shr said anything ending in 98 never goes in sale when theres five racks of it. You cant tell me shes too lazy to walk five feet literally to at least check the racks. No all we got was snobby extremely rude cashier who atgued with us about everything we said. She would not walk five feet to check the pricrs that were very clearly marked.

She eveb said its not her department. She did not call for a price check instead argued with us. She tried saying the items we chose were on the wrong rack when there were tons of the same item on the rack. We said we dont want can of it and walked away she did not say one nice thing to us.

I will never go there again being working in retail and loving shopping that was the worst customer service i have ever seen in my life rating is definitely in the negatives. I can see why the going out of businness they treat their customers like garbage.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It's not an airport, you don't need to announce your departure

to Mike1980 #1458886

yuk yuk yuk

to Mike1980 #1528720

More Like A Greyhound Bus Station Announcing A Departure.


Never buy jewelry from Kmart or Sears it *** over priced . The employees are rude an are not helpful at all.

Customer service is a joke an warranty plans aren't worth the paper they are printed on.

Extremely pissed customer here!!!

to Ruth #1526395

My mama said that she heard about a team of shoplifters who would go into KMart and one would go around acting like they were stealing stuff, so that the security people would all start watching them, and while they were distracted, the other shoplifting team member would be stuffing their pockets with all of the KMart jewelry and making their getaway out of the sore. Later, after sending the store security officers on a wild goose chase, the other shoplifting team member would leave the store, often being stopped and searched by security personnel, but eventually leaving, because after all, they weren't stealing anything. The rich looking lady in nice clothes was the one who had ripped off all of the jewelry.

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