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Spent an hour shopping, then went to pay and saw a whopping 3 whole cashiers open DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON with 10+ people in each line. Stood there for 20+ minutes waiting to pay, finally get up there for it to be my turn and the computer turns off.

Grab my stuff back, go to customer service to ask to check out with my hand basket that had less than 10 items and they told me "Well, it can't be a lot of stuff." So, I promptly threw my basket on the counter and told them they have the worst *** store I've ever been in. Call the only phone number for the store 5+ times and it just kept ringing, ringing, ringing until FINALLY someone picked up. Asked why it took sooo long for someone to pick the phone up and she said it's because she's the only one up there. Asked to talk to someone else about my *** service and all she said was, "Sorry." HOW ABOUT HIRING MORE PEOPLE IN A GIANT *** STORE LIKE THAT, ESPECIALLY FOR THE HOLIDAYS?

WHO RUNS THIS PLACE? Must be an *** because a monkey could run the store better. Also overheard one of the ladies say she only had 1 cashier scheduled for later.


Product or Service Mentioned: Kmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I work at Kmart and I understand your frustration but how it a cashier's/service desk's fault for the lines being long? We don't make the schedules.

Secondly, its not our fault that we have ancient computers that freeze. Clearly they were having a stressed day as well and you being a snob didnt make it any better.

If you're pissed off and angry, don't take it out on the cashiers, call corporate and take it up with them. Grow up, will you?


You threw your basket on the counter, how old are you seven? Seriously your throwing the basket on the counter is on the same level as a seven year old throwing a temper tantrum because mommy did not buy him a chocolate bar.

Your language is pretty wild for a seven year old. How about growing up. They could hire more people but how many people apply.

How about taking an adult shopping with you so they can keep a track of your behavior and make sure you do not throw temper tantrums and throw things around. Does mommy know you are on the internet using profanity and resulting to childish name calling?


Well, if they only have 3 cashiers and seem to be short handed why are you surprised it took someone so long to answer the phone? Maybe they had to clean up all the items someone tossed like a 3 year old at customer service.


I guess I was giving her too much credit to assume she was seven. You are right, even a seven year old knows better, she behaved more like a three year old.


It took an hour to find 10 items, talk about somebody being slow. I hate to tell you this but it isn't the holiday season quite yet. Grow up!


I forgot to comment on the fact that it took one hour for her to find ten items. She really must be seven years old. Maybe she needed someone to reach the higher items and was too shy to ask?


To: KevinRichards: Agreed. Here's another sad example of an customer who they that they are right.

No, the customers are not always right. I worked at an retail company for fifteen years at an grocery store. I have seen so many bad customers being so mean and nasty too so many sweet and nice employees. I am always making sure my customers and employees are taking care of.

i was ringing people stuff up and putting their items into their bags. I am always careful where i am alway putting their stuff into their carts and into their bags. We always have too ask if the customer wants the things they are buying wrapped up. A couple came up too the register.

I was checking their items and putting stuff into their bags, while saying, "Hi. How are you?" The couple rolled their eyes about an price onto an item. The couple said, (rude):"Umm. How much is this going too cost us?" The couple, even ruder, "Umm.

No Thanks." While i was putting their items into their carts. I asked them if they need help too their car with their groceries. The couple said rude, "No." I said, "Thank-you for shopping." This is where the trouble started with the couple. The managers were into the front of the store.

They were working by the desks. They came across the same couple. The couple asked for an refund. The couple threw the bags at the managers and said, "Refund Us." "We need too find our receipt." They pretend like they lost their receipt.

They acted like they came into the store earlier. I saw them holding onto their receipt and said nice, "Sir and Ma'am, isn't that your... The couple said, very rude and arrogant, "You're not an manager are you?" "We want too speak too an manager, not an employee that does not have an education or an brain onto prices or onto items." I am like, "Really?" While i was outside i was taking the trash too where the trash was too go, from the outside too the inside of the store, into the back room. I saw the couple putting holes into their milk and their food.

They saw me and said, "What are you doing?" Very rude and arrogantly, while they were trying too get into my face. I replied nice and sweet, "Taking out the trash." They knew what i was doing when i had the bags into my hands and taking too trash bags where it was going too go. The couple returned too the store. They brought their food and their milk back into the store.

I talked too the manager too the store while witnessing this. I told them what happened with the food and the milk. They caught the couple into the act. They were doing this where ever they go.

They were knocking everything off the shelves. We found out that they did this at others stores too. They got arrested. I do not understand how customers can be so mean and nasty too employees that are doing their jobs.

But, its an job, so i am always remember too take these things in and remembering too let these things go. my heart goes out too any employee or employees, that has too deal with any customer or customers like this!

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