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To whom it may concern,

I am extremely upset. This is the second time I have made a layaway through your website and it has been cancelled for 'out of stock' or 'not sold online' items. The first time was in October right before my child's birthday. Of course I didn't get my refund in time, & my child had less items because I'm a single mom & can't afford, nor have the time to spend hours running around to stores. Its why I like to shop online & use layaway. I have been doing it for years and never had a problem before. If the items are in stock when i make a layaway then four to eight weeks later when I pay off my layaway they should still be available to ship to me.

I was upset in October but I thought maybe it was a fluke thing & decided to do another layaway for Christmas because you have good deals & quality products. Imagine how I felt 2 days ago when I received yet another email stating some of my items were cancelled. Now I made my layaway a little late this year & ended up having to make a large payment to finish paying it off because I had purchased Christmas outfits for my children that I needed & shoes for pictures that are scheduled on the 21st.

So back to the email, it said three of the items had been cancelled but the rest of the items had shipped. I was mad that I would have to replace those items abd of course one was said above mentioned shoes, but at least the other items, mostly toys have shipped!

Unfortunately, I wake up today December 14th, 2014, eleven days before Christmas and I have another email from your rotten company that says you have cancelled the rest of my layaway order because 'you no longer offer the item online.' ELEVEN DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS! I can't find most the items in stores now, not that I want to even try because it's insanely busy. Not to mention again I'm a single mom and my only days off I have my children so how can I shop for Christmas gifts with them in tow??? I'm so furious, I worked extra hours to get my layaway paid off for what??? I probably won't get the refund before Christmas and now most the toys I bought my children they won't receive.

I am in tears writing this because once again your company has ruined what's supposed to be a happy time for me and my children. I am sure your not too concerned because your a multi-million dollar organization, but I will never shop at Kmart stores or online again.

Sincerely very angry mommy,

Reason of review: told me my layaway shipped then told me 2 days later it's not available.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Orange, California, United States #916290

I am right holidays are not about things but people and the fact that this mother is teaching her children that it is okay to say Christmas is ruined because they did not get all the toys they wanted is teaching them wrong. You are just making excuses for her, she is too lazy to go out to the store, because she admitted it is crowded for her, and b she does not want to take her children.

Montgomery, Alabama, United States #915674

I my self just received the same email and iam highly pissed about it.Ive paid for my order and should be waiting on my purchase but instead i have to wait as i was told a week for a refund.

Orange, California, United States #915645

Oh poor me, I am a single mom. No one feels sorry for you, whose fault is it you are a single mom, that is right, yours for not keeping your legs crossed.

You spread your legs you live in this situation. Oh and the horror your child had less items than you planned on buying for him. I have a question if you don't make much why are you spending your money on internet access? You yourself admit you did the layaway late, your own fault.

Remember it is your choice not to go to the store because it is busy. I guess you don't love your children enough to keep them with shoes and clothing. You care more about being lazy doing whatever you do then them. Lots of single mom's have to shop with their children, if you cannot shop with your children then keep your legs crossed, or get a job and you will be able to afford a babysitter.

You are just making excuses, how do you know the store is out of the items you want if you cannot even make a trip to the store because it is busy and because you do not want to shop with children? You did not even make an effort so you don't know this. So your little spoiled brats don't get all the toys you wanted to get them. Big deal.

Your children are brats if they think that Christmas is ruined because they did not get their gifts they wanted.

Boo hoo, it is you training them to think gifts are more important than people. You need to teach your brats that the true meaning of Christmas is not about gifts.

to KevinRichards Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #915747

You are being very disrespectful. You don't know her situation or anything about her household other than what she just wrote.

This also happened to me. It's not the fact that she doesn't want to shop with her kids or even love them.

It's the principal that they offered a service and and now they are not able to uphold their end of the deal. Your being a complete *** hole.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #915789

She pretty much explained her priorities by saying that Christmas is ruined because her children did ot get all the gifts she wanted. It is about her not wanting to shop with her children, she is making all sorts of excuses for not going, such as it is too busy, she is a single mother.

She can still go to the store with her children and buy things.

She is just making excuses because she is lazy, if she did not want to shop with children she should get a job and hire a babysitter, or better yet, find out whose the daddy of the children(if they are the same person) and have him take care of the children once in a while.

to KevinRichards Cleveland, Ohio, United States #916287

Kevin how do you know she doesn't have a job. Maybe she has a severely handicap child how care only be cared for by a properly trained individual. You say the holidays are not about things but people, how about not judging other people until you walk in their shoes.

to KevinRichards Rochester, New York, United States #918320

Kevin, you are such a selfish mean spirited person. Be very careful of what you dish out to others....less it come back to you 10 times worse.

I'm pretty sure if you lost your job, insurance and would feel that your life have been ruined. This lady works hard and paid her hard earned money for items that she expected to get. Items that she knew would put a smile on her kids face and make Christmas a beautiful experience. You telling her to keep her legs closed....why don't you tell yourself to keep your pencil *** in your pants.

Lord help us if that little thang can reproduce.

to Jtb Orange, California, United States #918701

I am not wishing anything on anyone, I am just telling this person to grow up. She raises brats that think that think that Christmas is all about gifts rather than family.

She is not claiming her life is ruined because she lost her job, insurance and housing, she is claiming Christmas is ruined for her children because they cannot get all the gifts they wanted. She is raising them to be brats. You are missing the point, this lady is teaching her children that Christmas is all about gifts rather than family if she is going to say that Christmas is ruined because of this. I think you need mommy to read this review to you again and she can tell you there there is nowhere that says she lost her job, insurance and housing.

I am not the one that got this person pregnant, the only reason she mentioned she is a single parent is because she is the one that choose to spread her legs, the rather is just as responsible, she should seek the father of the children and have him pay child support. She can reproduce but she cannot provide for the life she creates.

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