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Kmart stores will not price match Kmart.com.

I found an item on Kmart.com and the item was available for an in store pickup and the item was in stock. I figured it would be easier for me to just stop in the store b/c it's only 10 minutes from my house. I found the item in the store priced at $199 but KMart.com had it for $174.54.

I spoke with the manager and she informed me that they don't price match their own website. How insane is this?! She mentioned that the Kmart.com is a separate entity and she could not override her in store pricing to match Kmart.com b/c it was their policy.

I know other companies may have this same policy, but usually it's on an item that is not available for an in store pickup.

I went back home and ordered it online and used a $5 off promo code and got it $30 cheaper . It took almost 2 hours for my order to be processed before I could pick up my item at the same store I stopped in earlier that day. The whole shopping experience with KMart put a bad taste in my mouth. I wonder if Lou D'Ambrosio (CEO of Searsholding) know that this is happening. No wonder their loosing customers!

I have been in sales for 20 years and know that you have to go over and beyond to get the sale and have happy customers stay loyal, rather than being an order taker. The manager at the Kmart store could have easily gone to Kmart.com to view the pricing and matched it. Oh wait, they don't price match their own website. It's like having Wendy's advertising a 99 cent junior cheeseburger on their website, but when you arrive at the store, it's $1.49.

I called their customer service complaint department and told them about my experience and they too told me it was their company policy not to price match KMart.com.

Has anyone else experience this headache where a retailer can't price match their own website advertised pricing? Seems like customers without access to the internet are paying more for the same items. PS. The item I was purchasing was not a blow out, special pricing, clearance sale, etc.. price.

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Good to know. Another brick in the wall of reason why Kmart is failing as a business.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #1346554

It's literally there policy lmfao just go online buy it and come and pick it up in the store on ship it too your house it's not a big deal cool it

Reno, Nevada, United States #1310828

Yes, I just bought a dresser, wanted black but it's a dark brown.Went to the store to exchange it and on the website it's $50 cheaper.

I showed her the advertised price on their website and she said they don't match it in the store. Same story! I said then refund my money and I'll buy it online and take the item in black. She called her supervisor who said I can buy it online but then I have to wait for them to "process it"...so I'm waiting in order to save the $50!

This is insane and TERRIBLE customer service!

On top of it, I had to wait at the customer service desk for 20 minutes before they even helped me in the first place!

I had to call their phone number and ask for someone to come and help me!

Sparks, NV Kmart

Bonaire, Georgia, United States #1263309

Same experience today in Macon GA on Texas Steer Kamaal boots.Bought the same boots in store 2-3 yrs ago for 30+ tax.

Same as online. Today a different song. On top of that BS, they're reverting back to Zayre days. 2 registers open, 8 to 10 folks in each line blocking walking aisles.

If "Kmart.com" is a separate entity, it should be going by total different name to not falsely lead ppl on that they are 1 & the same company!Sounds like Kmart Corp needs to sue Kmart.com for copyright infringement!

Corning, New York, United States #1237398

Just experienced the exact situation.Husband purchased in store, a Kenmore 3.3 cf compact refrigerator for $159.99, and I just happened to check online for it, and it was only $119.99.


Called customer service to dispute and hope to get some type of rebate, and sadly was declined for the same jumbled up messy excuse.OH, I'm not done with my fair fight...I'll let you know whatever, if anything is fixed.


I had the same problem I asked if they price matched from their website and she said Kmart doesn't price match from their website or in general so I pulled up their price match policy and showed it to her and I requested to speak to the manager and the manager was very nice and fixed the price for us so for who ever says they don't have to honor it they are dead wrong they have a policy that says other wise

Orange, California, United States #907733

The child posting this complaint should have been told by a parent that online prices are different than store prices not just at Kmart, but Walmart and Target as well.That way this child would know that it is not insane put practiced by just about every company.

The parent should have also been watching this child while she was online. That way the child would not be lying.

How could this child have been in sales for 20 years if she is only ten year old and there are strict child labor laws?If she had really been in sales for 20 years as she claimed she would know that online pricing is different then store pricing everywhere.

to KevinRichards Fort Myers, Florida, United States #1072878

But...it is deceiving when you look up the nearest KMart store to you and it states that the item you want is In Stock today.Great!

So that must be the price of the item you want.So you drive the 12 miles and find out it is $15 more than the website.

to No way #1072994

Again like others have said in store prices are usually higher than online prices. Your not knowing this does not make it deceiving.

Orlando, Florida, United States #765850

Store are under no obligation to honor online pricing in a brick and mortar store.Online sales come from a single giant warehouse which has much lower overhead cost than a retail store.

Because the cost to run a store is higher the store charges a higher price.

Some stores will match an online price but they are under no legal obligation to do so.

Get used to this, a lot of retailers are charging less online than in a store and they WILL NOT match the price.,

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