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I will never shop at Kmart again!My complaint is about their nasty Jingle Bells Commercial!!!!!!!

It's crude, gross, and doesn't consider how children will feel- as it plays so often during the early hours of the day! Apparently Kmart is willing to losing thousands of customers because of it. My family is huge- from Oklahoma to New York and we've all stopped shopping at Kmart. They're mistaken if they think we don't make a dent in their annual profits!

I hope many other people let Kmart know how much they disapprove of this particular commercial, so it will be removed.I know several people, outside of family, who hate it too.

Bye-Bye Kmart

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Joe Boxer commercial is in poor taste, REALLY. The 3 other repetitive commercials such as Granny and her walker are annoying.

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada #754024

I will not shop at Kmart again. This Jingle Bells commercial shows the company has no values. I will consult with all my family and friends to do the same.

Rock Hill, South Carolina, United States #753951

Well you need to be pissed at sears also, as sears owns kmart generally speaking.I won't shop at kmart anymore either.

Very rude and crude commercial.But this is what they want, to draw attention to themselves.


Have you ever seen male dancers?I have and these guys in the KMart commercial aren't anything like them.

The dancers that I saw were among the mild ones but I have had other people tell me about the really exotic ones. Most of the people that I have discussed this commercial with do have kids about the same age as yours, and they aren't concerned about it. Their kids sit and laugh at the commercial. At least these guys aren't showing as much as kids would see at a swimming pool or even cutting somebody's grass.

In fact you might be surprised at what kids see other kids doing in school or at the mall or whatever. Back when I was in high school and college we used to see guys doing some pretty weird moves. In fact from what my grandkids have told me there are plenty of weird dances going on at school dances. I have also seen some of the young guys at the swimming pool of our apartment complex, making some pretty suggestive moves on the edge of the pool before jumping in.

Imagine the ones in a Speedo doing these moves.

There are kids of all ages at the pool and they see these things, but I haven't heard of any protests.It takes all kinds of people to make a world.

to anonymous #746444

It won't take 20 comments like these to tell me that I am the last of my kind.You know, like the ladies USED to be (i.e., Jackie Kennedy was a LADY)!

Women are more like men now than ever! None of you have told me something I didn't already know. My complaint is that I FIND THAT COMMERCIAL DISGUSTING and many people I know do as well.

Good for those of you who do not.I'm not changing MY lady like ways nor will I be responding to anymore matter how explicit they are.


Everybody that I talk to thinks it is cute.The only times I have seen it is in the evening and then only maybe three times at the most.

I am 73 years old and have always been considered kind of a prude, but I think it is kind of cute and funny. Get a sense of humor. Depending on the age of the kids, most kids aren't going to pay attention to commercials unless it pertains to toys.

That being said if you don't want to your kids to see it either change channels or make them go and play instead of sitting like a couch potato, watching TV.Or if they HAVE to watch TV have them watch the kiddie programs on public TV, problem solved.

to anonymous #746403

My grandma has gotten to the point in her old age that she likes to watch hoochy stuff too.You go girl!

As for us folks who appreciate a little modesty and don't want our PRE-teen daughters thinking boys should play jingle bells with their "bell"...


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