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In my recent visit to Kmart-Montehiedra the cashier ask the three prior customers to get their points card,benefits bla bla.When it was my turn in her own words she just "forgot", when I handed her, Mrs.

XXXXXXXXX my card she just told me to go to customer service so they could void my transaction and made a new bill. Meaning I had to wait in line again if I want to accumulate my points. Is this a good system ????????

Sorry........I'm the customer and its my valuable time.My suggestion is to provide the cashier with authorization to void the transaction in situations like this.

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I was VERY annoyed with my most recent Kmart Your Way Rewards program activity.Yesterday I got an email from Kmart saying that I was rewarded $10 in rewards points!

It was a legit email and I read everything over and over again to make sure there was no purchase minimum or any type of restrictions. Nothing to be found so I went over to Kmart. I didn't really need anything, but I found 2 shirts for my son that totaled $12.10. The cashier asked me for my card and I handed it to her and told her that I wanted to apply my points to my purchase.

Then she stated, "I'm sorry, our points system isn't working right now." How convenient Kmart. You give me these points to use, but then your system magically freezes and I can't redeem then? I told her, that I would like to void the transaction because the only reason I stopped in was to redeem my points. She said she couldn't do that and would need to get a manager to void.

I told her no problem, then she said she would manually enter the card number into their system. And hey, what do you know, it worked!

I am happy with the outcome, but not with the experience.I can't help but think that the associates are being told to not remind customers to use their rewards points.


Yes, the cashier is supposed to ask, but if you heard the cashier ask the three customers in front of you for their card, why the *** didn't you just hand her your card when you got to her?

to MauiAl49 Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States #624792

like K-mart policy states for have to Aske Every customer..

Idc if she announced it on a megaphone to the customer ahead of her... she DID NOT ASK PERIOD... and should have B4 ringing it up.. and the customer thinking WTF she never asked if i wanted to redeem the points..

now what do I do..

because some cashier rushed through my stuff and it was a small bye witch makes it easy to skip by...STFU Maui49 your an ***


Do you guys feel big talking *** to a seven year old boy?Dear god, grow up.

He is asking a question.Kids his age that ask questions grow up to be intelligent young men.

to KFish Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States #624793

Your a Fkn Morron stfu.. go screw your kid and stop saying it's a 7 yr old you fkd up ped.


hi quiero saber como revisar mi targeta de kmart 8)


I try to ask every customer if they have their card but I simply refuse to pressure people into signing up.I've been working there two years and I still get paid minimum wage, so I'm not about to degrade myself/customers by getting them to sign up for something if they dont want it.

we are given specific instructions for pressuring customers into signing up for rewards cards. I was given printed instructions that say "Don't ask if they want a rewards card. That gives them a chance to say no. Instead ask if they have one.

If they say no just immediatly open the signup window and start asking for their information." We get in trouble if we don't get enough people signed up per shift, despite the fact that we usually only have 5 customers in the store at any given time.

We are told to avoid mentioning that Kmart wants to stop using print adds to save money, thats why the rewards card and getting your contact information is so important.Hope you like text messages and junk email from Kmart everyone!

Ashkum, Illinois, United States #233165

To e.m.,

I'm a Kmart manager/department lead, and I'll go ahead and inform you that, yes I know it gets repetitive being asked for your card (and beleive me, I try to remember faces so I don't ask the same person I signed up earlier in the week again, feels disrespectful to me not remember your customers) but repetitve as it is, "our bosses" are being told by "their bosses" to push the reward program.

You know what? I raelly don't like the idea of in being pushed so hard either, the fact is it's actually effecting the store's overall performance/look/condition. Yes, I got my 5 rewards today, however my department looks like *** 'cause I was focused on the SYWR program.

Don't shoot the messenger/card signer-upper, the Suits are making us do this.

to Direnscure Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States #624794

you said it your self Dummmm Asssssss..push the rewards card asj every customer..

just because you lame *** 5 kids trailortrash idiiot dont like your job.. dont mean you dont have to do it... ASK like policy TELLS you too .. it's no wonder you got fired from K-mart..

and I KNOW you did..:)

Dept lead is NOT a manager.. dont be fooled but this iddiot.. lier.. ot he would be a suit too..

he's not.. he's a Grunt for k-mart suits.. not a mnager..

head and manager are totally diff..what an ***


I really get tired of those rewards cards,they need more cashiers, and not have a person at the door when you come in to ask you if you have a card, and then ask again at the registers if you want a rewards card.

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