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im a former employee for this "company" 2 years at the west covina kmart #3235.626 960 3756

LONG story short.

kmart is nothing but bullsheeet. they dont care about their customer and their employees. how many times did they threaten to fire me because i didnt get enough people to enroll it their rewards card..? you get 1% back meaning that if you spend $100, you only get ONE dollar back.

thats all it does. they ask you to give them your email so you can be a "bonus member" they send you nothing but junk mail. store manager mike threatened to fire me so many times because i didnt get enough customers to apply for their sears/kmart credit card.your seriously going to fire me because people dont want to apply for your 29.7% apr credit card? i was there for about 3 years and i never saw anyone get approved.

pay people minimum wage, make employees cover 3 departments + registers (cut back on staff to save money), talk down to them regularly, and pressure them into conning customers into signing up for underhanded scams and junk they dont need...sooner than later your employees stop giving a sh

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Kmart fired me because I got pregnant

to Anonymous #1373242

Which kmart was this?


Spell check


Unfortunately this kind of treatment is common in retail and fast food. They can fire you illegally and they know you cannot afford a lawyer. My advice is to finish high school, attend a college and get a degree.

Plover, Wisconsin, United States #1074722

The simple solution is go to college, get an education and get a better job. This unfortunately is how retail works. Same with fast food.


Dude I know the feeling, I worked at the Eastlake Ohio Kmart and it was the same way before they closed it down.Managers think their stuff don't stink, talk down to you even if you are trying hard to help customers and covering for someone else.

Basicly you can pull your own weight and two other peoples weight and they still treat you like they can toss you out of your job on your ear and have 100 people wanting your job off the street in 10 seconds or less. The store started to go under when they threw away Old Man Kresge's Employee and Customer care guide lines out the window way back in the late 80's early 90's, and have not been able to pull their self out of the hole ever since.

Like any other place all they care about is the bottom line in cash, but they forgot where the cash comes from...the good employees taking care of customers, making them WANT to come back and buy more.


if you hate your job, QUITTTTT

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That's disgusting. So they are being shoved out of the race by WalMart and their big idea to fix it is to take up their poor business model???

I'm sorry they threatened you but you seem to have morals - perhaps you really aren't the right fit for the job and might consider finding employment with a company that are customer-oriented instead of big-business greed?

to mfila #922554

Most likely the person is lying, they were not threatened because people said no, they were threatened because they did not ask.

to KevinRichards #957372

They're not lying.I work in a KMart and the cashiers, at least at one time, were threatened with being fired if not enough people signed up for the rewards program.

It wasn't about not asking; there was literally a red arrow on their screens indicating that not enough people were signing up.Apparently they were all told that if their arrow stayed red for too long they'd be fired, which led to the cashiers finding ways around having their "numbers" going down.

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