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Kmart in Moline has the worst customer service. I walked in the store on 12/13/15, and I immidietly noticed advertisement for $10 award if you buy $100 worth in mastercard gift cards. I decided to get 1 $100 gift card. When cashier scanned the gift card error has dpoped up. She then went to get customer service rep. Diana. Diana immidietly started taking promotional signs down, and informed ( no appology) me that the promotion ended on 12/12/15, yet the signs were still up.

I decided to go to customer service desk and tried to get them to honor promotion because it was still clearly advertised. Cust. erfvice rep. Diana came over also and said that they will let me buy one of the gift cards, but I would have to pay cash and no credit cards or debit cards. I politely informed her that I would gladly buy one and that I would use my debit card. Diana insisted on hard cold cash (paper money), and she also stated that this was the store policy.

I politely asked to see this policy in writting. Diana went to get store manager, as she couldn't produce this store policy in writing. Store manager came over and informed that they would take debit card and cash for the gift card. Again no apology, and this is when Diana started ranting about how she didn't know about this, and amazingly still wouldn't apologize. The store manager wasn't any help, as she let me walk out of the store, without even giving me chance to explain what went on.

I never had any problems in this Kmart before, until this incident. The sign clearly said "we're here to satisfy you" . Very misleading.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Kmart Cons: Worst costumer service ever.

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Ok if it was so CLEARLY ADVERTISED the. The date of the promotion was advertised as well.

Sorry but you’re just a scammer and no one owes you a apology for anything. You’re a greedy self entitled piece of human garbage. Who’s greatest contribution to society will be leaving it. Sickening really how some people will find any way to screw others to get ahead.

I would say you should feel ashamed but in my experience people like you will justify screwing a fellow human being over. In your mind, you are perfect and we are all rubes you haven’t screwed yet.

In your mind it’s everyone else’s fault that they allow you to screw them over. There are not enough negative adjectives to describe what a piece of filth you truly are.


I've stayed at many Homeless Shelters and eaten at many Soup-Kitchens where I Disagreed with their policies. They told me that if I didn't like the way that things were run that I could go elsewhere.

And I did. I slept out in the Bush and I went dumpster diving every day to buy my own meals.

The Self-Respect that I gained from doing those things was priceless. I was able to sleep at night in peace without having to hear rude inconsiderate people talking all night long and I didn't have to wait in the long lines for the sub-par food at the Soup-Kitchens and I didn't have to smell all of the stinky unwashed bodies, either.


Clearly entitled customers like you need too understand the rules and the policies before you're going too try too change the rules and the policies. Sorry, once you play the entitlement card, you're not an customer.

@Anonymous Stores 2019

Agreed with you. Whoever put you down does not understand, reads or sees how customers treat employees or managers when they are doing their jobs.

Cleary i am thinking it is the same customer from this review.

It's not too hard too comprehend and see that these customers getting away with this does this! It's so sad to see employees and managers go through this!


I work at Kmart and I know are registers are set up when purchasing certain gift cards that can only be done by cash. It's not the employees fault they couldn't accept your debit card. The system is programmed that way.


Agreed. These entitled customers always have too take it out onto the nice and sweet employees and managers who are doing their jobs. It's so sad and bad too see this happening!


There is a difference between satisfying someone and changing the rules just for them. You won't be missed with your demanding ways.

I am just surprised that you are old enough to own a debit card. You don't seem to know how to spell "dropped" I want an apology for that.


Or immediately. .two times...hahaha


Let's not forget apology and service as well.


Agreed. These entitled customers need too understand this with the store's laws, rules and policies. It's so sad and bad that they are playing the 'entitlement card.'


Agreed. It's so sad and bad too see customers acting like this! Customers like this are always going too fail!

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