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I received my email from Kmart's Catalina Support today, June 4, 2013, it reads, "a new BP Gas Coupon will be sent to you within 10 days." Wow! I'm speechless!

Original review posted by user Jun 02, 2013

OMG! I specifically went to Kmart for the BP Gas Rewards Coupon spending over $50--$54.94 to be exact.

Received my receipts and BP Gas Reward Coupon to find out the coupon is useless because it doesn't have a GAS REWARDS CODE on it. Instead it reads CONGRATULATIONS PIN UNAVAILABLE GAS REWARD CODE!!! What kind of *** is that? I did not have to go to Kmart to spend $50.

I had to get stuff I really didn't have to get in order to get to their required amount of $50 to earn the Gas Reward Coupon. I was extremely disappointed when I read "PIN UNAVAILABLE" on my "CONGRATULATIONS" BP Gas Coupon. I use BP Gas and was loving the idea of saving 30 cents per gallon at my local BP. I am riding around right now on "E" thinking I go shop, get my coupon, then go get gas--NOT!

Customer Service at the store had me call a 800 number for which the representative stated he will send my Gas Reward Code to my email address. Well, to add insult to injury, I got an email alright, but it states "you will receive your requested information to your provided email address up to 2 days from today"! OMG Kmart...I am truly disappointed. Something as simple as this has turn into a true inconvenience for me.

I was truly looking forward to saving a few dollars; but, now after all this, I'm thinking...what am I saving really--about $3 off my gas bill? That's about what it equates to for 30 cents off per gallon for 10 gallons of gas...right? But, I'm spending $50 to get it?!! What a JOKE!

Now, I have to wait two more days before I get the Gas Rewards Code sent to my email address??

Yes, I'm truly pissed. I will get over it...but, very disappointed!

Review about: Kmart Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $53.

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I received my gas rewards coupon and when I got ready to use it I was told by the attendant there was no pin number. I then called the customer service number explain to them what happened and the gentleman said that I need to supply him with the original receipt.

I shop at Kmart frequently and I have no idea Where the receipt is or when I received it.

The guy said there's nothing he can do without the original receipt. This is a rip off promotion and be leery if you receive one of these coupons.

Illinois, United States #894526

This K-Mart/BP Gasoline Rewards is a Joke. I went from Gas Station to Gas Station and none of the dealers would honor it.

They said that they lost too much money. Well hello you got the customers so honor it. Finally found a BP that would honor it but when I entered the code it would not work.

What a joke just to save a few dollars. Will be calling someone to complain big time tomorrow.

Panama City, Florida, United States #841232

Guess what - my story can add to yours. We frequent K-mart for our monthly prescriptions and of course, we are spending more than $50.00 and we get the 30 cents off coupon, but the catch is there is only one station in our city that will accept the coupon and they never have gas! What a ripoff!!!

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #684653

My coupon said "pin unavailable" but there was still a code to use that worked without any problem. Sorry you had difficulty with yours, but so far we have had a great experience! Heading to Kmart today to buy items we'd normally get at Target.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #659158

Thanks for the info. I got an email from KMart today telling me about their gas coupon, etc.

Am I glad I did not fall for this!

Hopefully, people will not fall for KMart's scam. Be aware, that if you get an email from KMart about this, you may have trouble actually getting your "free" gas.

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