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Bought a Christmas yard decoration on 12-21. Never opened because it didnt match my deer.

Tried to return & was told they couldn't return any christmas stuff the day after Christmas even if unopened & within 30 days! So f****ed up! I just want my $ back. Customer service was rude & so was the case worker i spoke with @1866kmart4u.

I won't do business with them again & will suggest to friends & family to go else where. If this how you treat customers it's a wonder you have any!

Also you should post this policy so it can be seen by customers. Never heard of such BS!!!!

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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So you're a retard? No store returns holiday items after the holiday is passed!

NONE! The policy is clearly posted at the service desk, on the website, and (gasp!) your receipt!!!!!!!! IMAGINE THAT!!! You had a copy of the return policy the WHOLE time!

If you need to return holiday items, do.

so before the holiday passes. If you can't, then grow the *** up and just accept you screwed up!


Also if it makes you feel better to call me a troll because of issues with your parents go ahead, do whatever makes you feel better. I am going to be the bigger person here and admit that I was wrong to stoop to your level, but if calling me a troll makes you feel better, if lying about the death of a child and parent makes you feel better go ahead and do it. Who am I to judge.


You know what I stooped to your immature level. I can admit that I stooped down to your level.

However I notice every time I ask you how you can celebrate Christmas with BOTH your parents when one dies you change the subject to trolling without knowing the definition of trolling. It is your way of avoiding the lie that I caught you in. Also why are you claiming you lost a child to cancer? I just want an explanation to why you would make up lies about death?

I am not going to address your immature comments accusing me of trolling. I just want to know why you are lying about the death of a parent and child? Is it for attention, sympathy or both.

You can choose not to answer this question or deny that you made those claims but I just want to know why you would lie and claim one of your parents died, and why you lied about losing a child to cancer. That is all I am asking.


You are a troll. All you do is go on others posts & belittle & degrade.

Does that make you feel superior? No one on here has ever asked for your opinion. If you like correcting people so much spend a little time in school to become a teacher. As far as I can tell most people use this site to complain about an issue that is important to them.

Not to go back to elementary school. You make negative comments to everyone that posts anything on this site.

Others know it even if you don't. Go on & keep screaming for attention that mommy & daddy don't give.


Also as for that threat to take me on you are no threat honey. You are just a kid having fun with your parents computer, one whom you are claiming dead for attention.


I am not the cyber bully, it is you that is by referring to me as a troll when I simply pointed out the holes in your story. Your parents need to ground you from the internet.

Pretending one of them is dead is sickening. They also need to talk to you about your own cyber and explain what trolling is. You need a good whooping because lying about the death of a parent is immature. Lying and claiming you lost a child to cancer is not disgusting and an insult to those that really did.

Telling everyone about your previous lies is not trolling.

I just want people to know that a fake you are, and that you lie about a parent and child dying for attention. What next are you going to claim your husband died or beat you for attention?


I am not a liar in another review you said that you had a good Christmas with "Both" of your parents. The reason you were ignored was because most likely you could not take no for an answer.

I am just stating the truth, your parents BOTH OF THEM, would be shocked to see that you lied about one of them being dead for sympathy.

I notice you waited a full day to reply. Perhaps to have the posts that said that you celebrated Christmas with BOTH your parents deleted so you can accuse me of lying?


Your parents said that the reason that you lack reading comprenhension is because you spend hours online making false accusations of someone you don't know rather than your homework. That you stay up way past your bedtime on a school night and cannot concentrate in class because you are tired because you stayed up all night making accusations against strangers online and arguing with them.


You sound like a broken record. Quit talking about my parents.

You obviously don't know them. One is deceased & has been for years. Take your own advice.

PLEASE do us all that favor. Later tater.


I have just gotten off the phone with your mom and dad, they told you that if you don't go to bed soon they will ground you and force you to work at Kmart when you are old enough to have a job.


You don't do well with constructive criticism either. Calling me a liar for what you posted. I believe you are the real child in this situation.


I called you a liar because of your lies. In another review you claimed that I posted "form" instead of "from" when that was not true.

So calling someone who has the tendency to lie a liar is not being childish. Lying and accusing someone of acting childish because you lied and it hurt your feelings is being childish. Mistaking being told "no" as rude is being childish. Throwing a temper tantrum because someone told you that you cannot return Christmas merchandise after Christmas is being childish.

Failing to read the signs and saying there is no such sign about holiday merchandise is being childish. I bet if your dead parent could see you know they would be ashamed of you as your surviving parent is.


Ask an adult to help you if you think I have spelling, and grammar mistakes. By claiming this because I made you cry does not make it true.

You do lack reading comprenhension because obviously you did not get what I have posted. Your whole review is filled with errors which makes it look a small child wrote it. You are obviously upset about me calling you out on your idiocy that you have to make up lies about me. Do your parents even know that you are on here?

Did your parents go to Kmart with you? If they did you could have asked them to read the policy since it is quite clear that you cannot read. Don't take your anger out on me just because you were told no and are unable to read. Also isn't it past your bedtime?

Thirdly just because you tell your family and friends not to go to Kmart because you cannot read and don't want to follow policy does not mean they will stop shopping there.

As for the threat of telling all your friends, I doubt that will hurt them much because with your attitude I doubt you have many. This does not count your imaginary friends and your dolls and teddy bears.


Sigh, here we go again mistaking being told no as "rude" After reading that and your review with poor spelling, grammar and punctuation I wonder if you are six years old? Also do you really think that your friends and family will stop going to a particular place just because you don't feel like following policy?

All stores have the same policy. Also you better not be using such language online or your parents will take away your internet privileges and or ground you.


Do you have anything to do with kmart? Probably not.

Just some bored *** with nothing better to do than harass someone else. Get a life. This has nothing to do with you if you have no problem with the store. As I posted this policy should be posted or told to the customer at time of purchase or I would have returned sooner.

As far as I knew you have 30 days with a receipt. Which I have & is within 30 days! I don't have a problem with no.

I have a problem with BS that's not posted. Juat another corporation doing whatever possible to make another dollar & screw the consumer.


Thanks for confirming that you are a child. By your ASSuming that I have something to do with Kmart, as well as your terrible spelling and grammar, and mistaking being told "no" as rude it proves that you are a child.

Even if it is not posted obviously mistook no as rude, and if you did not lack reading comprehension(which also makes me believe you are six years old perhaps seven at most). you would know that it is obvious that you mistook being told no as rude. No store is going to allow you to return any holiday items. It is usually listed.

Bring an adult to the store with you to have them read those terms and conditions.

Also telling your family and friends is not going to do a thing. especially when you cannot read and mistake that for them not displaying their rules.


Pssst you alos have spelling, grammar & punctuation issues to. I assure you that I did not assume you worked for Kmart.

As for comprehending you have proven that you don't. Oh & by the way I know that I mispelled to.

Should've been too as in also. How'd that rankle??


So did some digging & found that you are probably just a hired troll. Probably hired to try & neutralize a negative comment left by a frustrated consumer.

Well done seeing as mommy & daddy's college $ was wasted. Probably went for an english degree. Graduated & found there was nothing out there for you. So you settled & here you are & you've grown bitter because you aren't in the position which you truly desire.

Now here's the good stuff. Go back to: TO:Wolverine- boot sole seperated.Next to last sentence "You have may run on sentences." Shouldn't that may be many? See we all make mistakes but don't have to act like the english police! Check yourself before you check others.

Smh short for shaking my head but you probably know that seeing as how you told someone to *** That's worse that what you tried to call me out on.

How dare you think yourself better than others. Again smh.

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