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Was at kmart on 26th street in erie pa. Worst customer service i have ever seen.

I am a 38 year old father of 7. My son got a pair of school pants as a gift they where to small so i wanted to just get a bigger size. There was 3 people in front of me. It took 45 min till i was up.

Lets start with the lady behind the desk started to talk to another employee that was comming in to work, hello im the customer. So i tell the lady i just need to get a bigger pair she tells me i have to return and get a gift card for a lower price of the pants.. What!!! Then she proceeds to tell me that they are not there pants.

Ok the tag on them say not only that we are standing about 20 feet from the kids department with the pants in plain site. So in short you have lost another customer who will take there money to another store.

If this is your idea of customer service i truly hope you close your doors in erie so we can get a department store that cares if there customers are happy. Hope karen my cashier learns how to treat people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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all ya'll missing the POINT, no matter how many kids he has, the point is the rudeness was uncalled for period customers FIRST...not the amount of his kids or the size of his wallet...small minded people tend to always comment first the negative remarks


7 kids?!?!? In this day and age who in their right mind has 7 seven kids??

And you don't get your kids a "GIFT" of a pair of school's your responsibility to cloth, feed and shelter 50 percent of ALL of your buying 1 pair of pants??

Most kids get a few new pair of pants for starting school, and you have 7 and claim it was a freaking gift??????? Ugh hope your food stamps are worth it..use a condom for christsakes

to Anonymous #1080066

Omg people like you need to fall of this earth!!!

Read what you type before you hit send. It might save you from sounding *** as you must beeeee!

to Anonymous #1080798

Do you know the meaning of the word "gift". That does not mean that he cannot cloth and feed his gift.

It just means that someone gave him pants as a gift. Most likely the child is teenager or around that age and they don't know what to get him so they bought him something he can use. But the Kmart website and Kmart are two different companies.

However his attitude is childish when he is expected to follow the same rules as anyone else, and the only shame is he is raising seven young people to be like him. He will not be missed.

to Anonymous #1081005

My first sentence should read, that does not mean he cannot cloth and feed his children.

to Anonymous Ontario, Canada #1081531

Yeah, seven kids, their last name must be Weasley.

to Zachary Markham, Ontario, Canada #1276428

They also all have red hair and go to Hogwarts.

to Anonymous Markham, Ontario, Canada #1276429

The Weasley's do. They had seven kids, six boys and one girl.

First they had four boys, then they had another two boys since they had twins, then they had a girl, but though that is fiction there is a family in France that has 14 kids and another family that has 13 kids. The French Family has 12 kids first that were all boys, then they had a girl.

Then they were hoping for another girl, and got a boy for the 14th kid. The other family had 12 boys, and their 13th child was a boy.


Please don't home school your children.

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