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On Tuesday, June 29, 2010, I went to Kmart to return a Wii game. The cashier gave me the money, I folded the money, right then and there and put it in my wallet. I went to the electronics section, to purchase something else, when I go to pay, I take out the money the cashier gave me and noticed that I had $36 opposed to $56 that I was supposed to get. I tell the cashier and she tells me to go back to customer service, they should take out the cash register and count it to see if the cashier is over the $20. I go back, the cashier says "no i gave you $46" i say "no you gave me $36 and it is supposed to be $56". Finally I am there waiting for about 20 minutes and finally another cashier comes and says that the manager cannot count it and I say why not? they tell me i have to wait for the next day, and i ask for the manager and they told me that she could not come right. They took my information and told me they would call me in the morning after counting the money.

I call them the next morning and speak to someone else, she tells me "you're right, she is $20 over, let me re-count it" then she says "no im sorry she is only 3 cents short", I tell her, "that cannot be I know what I am telling you. I did not even walk out the store, took the money put it in my wallet rite in front of the cash register and noticed it was gone when I went to purchase something else in the electronics." So she says that they are going to check the cameras to see what happened and call me back. She calls me back and says "we checked the cameras, she gave you the right amount of change and you walked away with the change in your hand" I told her "no that is incorrect because i put the money in my wallet at the register". I told her to give information for a national manager or regional manager that I can speak to because it is ridiculous, i just want my money. she gives me an email and I call a 1800 number.

I spoke to the representative, and she said that if the manager does not call me within 48 hours to call back and they will put me in touch with a district manager. That was at 2:30pm on Wednesday, June 30, 2010, if they do not call me by Friday before 2:30pm I will be calling back and writing emails/letters to EVERYONE at the kmart corporate headquarters.

It's not only about the money but the principal of the situation.

If anyone else has any suggestions, email me at I will update this when I get more information.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kmart Manager.

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I apologize that this happened to you but it is YOUR responsibility to count your change prior to leaving the register to prevent such things from happening. There is never proof that you are scamming but they should’ve counted her register down immediately upon you bringing the complaint to customer service.


SILLYGIRL; trolls? Really, trolls?

Borderpatrol; I got a $20 for you....

Marir89; call me, I e-mailed you my #


I don't think she wrote the other complaints, I think someone is doing it to pwn her.


If you're so strapped for cash that you had to write the exact same scenario on KMart's, Target's and Wal-Mart's pages trolling for 20 bucks, then maybe you should be out looking for a job. If you don't like the service you get at one of these stores, apply at one, get the job, and attempt to improve it. Don't just sit there and *** about it.


You're a ignorant person, I can tell. You want a girl fired because she's Black? Get a hobby lady!


Well, Ms. Reyes, you are making Mexicans look pretty bad. Maybe Arizona has the right idea after all.


Well if it is not you and it is someone else they wrote the same letter to Wal-mart and Target. What a fun site people make this sometimes.


However I did find the money, and I do think blacks are horrible. My sister wrote that comment. Thought it would be funny.


i did not write the previous comment.

fyi, i do not carry a purse. lol


Never mine I found the money. She gave me back $56 but the $20 was at the bottom of my purse.

I still want her fired though, and it is not my fault that I doubted her, she is black and you know how they are. They would steal $20 from a customer and think that the custumer will not notice they are short changed.


I have a suggestion. Don't post personal info like your email address on a public website. You will probably get bombarded with trolls messing with you now.

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