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Ok I paid for and ordered items online thru PayPal, for these items I did get a confirmation of order was received via email, well 1 hour...2 hours.....have passed and still no pick up validation via email. How long does it take for an associate to secure these items and have them ready for pickup at least 30 minutes or less?

I could have saved more time if I went to the store in person or had them shipped to my home. Someone needs to take another look at this process or this store location, as for it is not convenient to me or anyone else, and after all that time the items I order and paid for were not even in stock at the store which it said it was online. So now after my pick up person went to the store 2 or more hours after ordering multiple products, she came back with out any of the paid for products..... she was told that the items were not in stock and will have to be order from another store....I should have went to that store and made my purchase.

If the store promotes it had it in stock or at least their inventory correct ("inventory count not correct points to a few things, Retail Theif or out the back door") or if any one does inventory and if it says available for in-store pick up that in my mind falls under false Advertisement. I will make a trip to that location that I didn't intend to make after my operation, to visit the store in person and cancel the entire order. ( Not the first issue with this store) BAD store or poorly trained associates? or poor Management?

or both? CANCEL MY ORDER>>>>>>>>>> will pass this along to Social Media so that no one else has to deal with this unobserver insight on this suggestion...........shut it down and do the people of this Community a FAVOR.....

Kmart Kmart #7293 713 E Baltimore Pike Clifton Heights, PA 19018 (610) 622-5000 call the store and tell to just close, email Corporate and tell them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.........this is not the first incident with this store but will be my LAST. DO WHAT IS RIGHT!~ Happy Shopping Somewhere Else!

Product or Service Mentioned: Kmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $22222.

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i just cancelled my instore pickup waited 4 hours that contacted customer service to be told it could take upto 24 hours told i'll pick it up at walmart on my way home.dont understand walmart, target, home depot, and lowes ready in 2 hours


ordered 1 item for store pickup at my local kmart at 8:15am. It is now 3pm & item is still not ready for pickup.

I didn't order anything fancy, just a $20 pair of headphones. I just called 30 minutes ago & was told maybe by 5pm.

I've never experienced store pickup as bad as this.

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #1354398

Well, first off, the order can take 2 hours to even reach the store... so that isn't the fault of the store, but the faulty system of the company and their refusal to update beyond 1985.

Then the employees have to use ancient equipment to figure out the item location and try to find it. It may be in someone else's cart by time your order hits the store system.

Your anger is misplaced. Aim it at their corporate offices who refuse to fix the faulty systems or upgrade to modern equipment.

Next time you're in a store, just look at the scanners they have to use on the sales floor! ANCIENT!

to Anonymous #1511451

That's bull every time I go to Kmart the employees are all rude I waited for 6 days to receive an item I ordered and it still wasn't ready and they said they didn't have it in stick which is total bull because I walked right by the same item that I ordered fully stocked there then I asked the customer service representative if I could just grab one and can they process it for my order since I've alrdy waited five days and she said no I would have to go through the refund process of cancelling my order then taking it up to the gpu yet I am officially done shopping at Kmart I have never in my life sealed with such terrible customer service, and such false advertisement they need to be sued for the fact that they say same day pick up if available and even though it's available they still make you wait because this is day 6 if I wanted it 6 days later i would've got it shipped yet it still probably would of gotten to me faster. Then they replaced 2 of my items in a different order saying try were out if stick and I went and checked and they had a full shelf of each item but wouldn't let me exchange it even though they gave me a "replacement" of what I purchased when it was fully stocked on the shelves.and it's all because there employees don't want to do there damn job and are to lazy to go get the items you specifically purchased from the store there getting paid to work at.

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