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I just went into the KMart store that is slated for closing in Lake Charles, Louisina. I was absolutely pissed off that all they had left for sale was reject crap that nobody else wanted.

Stuff was 70% off and 60% off the regular price. I saw a new stove that was advertised as being half price, for sale for like $269 when the original price was $540. I also say a grren mower that was on sale for $99, but it looked like it had something wrong with the wheel. The majority of the store was eerily bare and the floors all looked icky and dirty and nasty.

Most everything had already been bought up. The personal care isles had a scatterring mess of reject lotions and shampoos that had stuff squirted out of them by the sloppy KMart Clientele. I felt sadness as well as a sense of closure knowing that that was the last time that I will ever be going into that KMart store again, as it is closing for good in 7 days. Oh, how I miss KMart back in the "Good Old Days" back when it was just a regular KMart, and you could buy a submarine sandwich for only a dime at closing dime.

It felt gross going in there and on my way out I noticed that the doors looked real yucky and covered in dirt.

It was an all around icky and gross experience and I am glad that they are shutting the place down. God Bless America and Good Riddance KMart.

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You can't have your cake and eat it too! If everything was marked 50, 60 and 70% off, then you can expect to find that everything is going to be picked over!


KMart's Closing? What A Shame!


The store is closing and you want it "freshened" up for you?? Please.. Shop at a place you're more comfortable with, Dollar General maybe


What a ridiculous complaint! A store that is closing and in its final days and they don't have a great selection? Go get yourself a life and a job.


Um the store was closing.


KMart's Closing???? That's A Shame!

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