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Update by user Dec 29, 2015

The store manager got back to me saying there was a mistake and I won't get paid until January 11.I wish they could issue me a check for their mistake because I was relying on this money to pay bills.

Not very happy, but there is nothing else to be done.My whole experience working there was nothing but disorganization.

Original review posted by user Dec 28, 2015

I am so angry.I was hired to work at the Kmart in Whitehall, PA.

I was hired Dec 9 to work seasonally at Kmart for additional income. I was told at my hire date I was to get paid Dec 28 (today) after having a week's withholding. I understand the withholding, but I should have gotten paid today. I spoke to the store manager, but she never called me back to get this corrected, and the woman in HR is off for the next few days.

I then called to talk to someone in HR from corporate and she told me my paydate is January 11. She couldn't tell me if I was supposed to get paid today and for that matter how many hours my January 11 paycheck would be for. So I would end up working almost an entire month without getting paid?! They owe me for 28 hours!

Something got seriously messed up here. This store is so unorganized, other employees told me they don't even show up sometimes without calling off and nobody even notices! Needless to say, I am not going back to work there as I don't even know if I would get paid for my time!

Thankfully I have a full time job that I rely on, but if this was my only income I would be so screwed.As it is, I am furious!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problems with payment of kmart work experience and associated monetary loss in the amount of $200. Kmart needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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I have been working at art havent been payed in a month and can prove it


I like how you are deleting other people's posts to make yourself look innocent, it is not working.You only edited this review to say that you already stated that you were looking for a part time job to help you with fiancees.

Then when I pointed this out you deleted the comment.Grow up.


Also the person who is posing as me may not be a Kmart employee, but I highly suspect that they are. How else are they to know that I was fired for theft? I did not want to share this info, and they had no right doing so without my permission.


I am the devil himself since I posted something that makes Kmart look bad


The sad thing is that the because I was caught stealing from their stores I cannot go about getting money from them because they can change their minds and press charges against me. I was fired for shoplifting.


Ok, now this is getting ridiculous. Someone pretended to be me by using my username (without logging in so that it would still look like me) and saying lies like I was fired for shoplifting? That is absolutely ridiculous and immature.


I guess this is a lesson I learned about not wasting my time on a social media outlet to complain about unfair treatment. I wasn't looking for some anonymous troll to argue with, but was looking to vent. This discussion is over.


My main job I work pays more than TWICE what I was getting paid at Kmart!I did go to college as well.

I was working there so I didn't have to get into debt for Christmas.

There is no need to retort with such nastiness I was simply replying that I wasn't TRYING to make other employees look bad just to show that the store is UNORGANIZED.You have nothing better to do than to get all defensive when my point was about the lack of organization.

to nadojen1 #1087190

Nice try, but if your main job paid twice as much you would not be having financial problems.I am not being nasty.

You are the one that is being nasty. You are trying to make the store and other employees look bad and yourself look good.

Grow up.I am sure with your attitude you won't be missed.

to Anonymous #1088408

People do get into financial difficulties regardless of their income.I do have a decent career, and do earn a decent income, but was avoiding credit debt by picking up some extra hours working a second job which was the whole point of me working at Kmart.

I not only worked there, but also spent a lot of money there on Christmas presents.

I'm beginning to think you work at Kmart yourself or have a family member who does and is upset that this is making the store look bad. I really care less how I looked as an employee there, or how other people look as employees there for that matter. I had no intention whatsoever of badmouthing the employees, again, I was stating that the store is disorganized.

I was complaining about Kmart as a company.Kmart has been on a decline for years and a bad review is hardly going to damage them more than has already happened.

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