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I have been trying for a month. We do not have a Kmart in our town and I am 90 years old and cannot run all over the county looking for a Kmart.

I am sitting here with $100.00 worth of merchandise that I can not use and it looks as though I will simply be forced to take the loss. One can see on the statement that accompanies the order that it did, at one time, have the return label but it was removed before the order was shipped.

This is definitely fraud and there should be some way to stop it. I purchase everything online and I have not experienced this from any other company with whom I have done business.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I agree, you need a Philadelphia lawyer to do a return with Kmart. Ridiculous!!!! I spent an entire day trying to get a return from kmart, because THEY did not send an invoice or receipt with order, nor did they email me one.


I'm sure they have a phone number?

LOL 90 and cant type but cant dial a telephone.. hmm...

More like I'm 9 and dont want my mom knowing I used her credit card


This not Fraud. Be nice to the Kmart customer service agent and you will get what you need.

to Stephen #1591432

How's that?? Can't understand any of them.

There isn't one American speaking in customer service. Ridiculous!!!!!


90 years old and complaining online? Why did you buy $100 worth of merchandise you don't need?

How is this fraud?

Explain this to me. Kmart paid to ship this to you, you can pay the five dollars to send it back.

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