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I made a purchase at Kmart online.It was taken out of my bank account the same day.

Two days later I just so happen to look at my online bank statement again and noticed they had charged me AGAIN. I called them and they said they don't see where that occurred and they will research it and get back with me by email in 24-48 hours. Well 3 days went back I hadn't heard from them but checked my bank account to make sure they hadn't put my money back. They HAD NOT put it back and had actually took MORE money out for the same purchase.

So acoarse I called them again, but more pissed as to be expected. This time the lady I spoke with says I have to send them a copy of my bank statement to prove that they had took out the money from my account. How is it they can take your money but cant go back to see what they took? And why is it that the first agent I spoke with 3 days ago didn't tell me that instead of having me waiting and wasting my time.

So then I had to be inconvenienced to go to the bank, get statement and pay to have it faxed to them. So I emailed them after I sent all my information to see how long it will be to be reimbursed. She told me it will take 5-7 days for someone to get back with me. SERIOUSLY....YOU TAKE MY MONEY AND ITS GOING TO TAKE THAT LONG TO RESOLVE WHEN IT WAS THERE SCREW UP!


Needless to say, I will never shop with them again.My advise to anyone is check your bank statements, because you could be getting ripped off as we speak!!!!

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Lake Village, Arkansas, United States #589562

i am going thru the same situation now. i am never shopping there again. Kmart SUCKS!!

to never shopping at kmart again Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, United States #793795

I have the same at SEARS for $318,59 and getting the run around about a credit being issued. NEVER SHOPPING AT Kmart or Sears again

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