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my story is ridiculous, obsurd and BEYOND ANNOYING!!!i have never wrote a review on anything before bc i really didn't think it was even worth it but after my experiences with this store i think i could write negative reviews about kmart every single day for the rest of my life!

for the past 4 years everything i've need i have gotten from kmart for my kids. on black friday a friend and i decided to try to get 32in flat screens for our kids christmas, they were on sale for around 80$$we stood in line from 12am until 4am waiting to get in. around 3:30am the manager came outside to annouce that they only had 8 flat screens and you could only purchase them if you were given a ticket. we were probably about #20 standing in line so obviously there was NO WAY at all we were getting those tvs.

does anybody honestly think they would go and stand in a line all night waiting on something that you never had a chance of getting? they did not include this in there black friday sale papers either so we were under the impression it was the same policy as walmart. then out of about 200 angry females the manager decides to only open one door, not the sliding door either the small hole in the wall doors that only 1 person at a time could walk through. I got it on camera, people jumping over one another, pregnant women being slammed into walls, etc.etc.etc.

RIDICULOUS!!! my husband talked me out of closing out our layaways bc it was so close to christmas when i went in to close out one of them a lady comes in screaming that her 3 y/o daughter is missing. the employee, ever so slowly took her sweet time getting to the phone when she finally reached the phone she called 911 to ask them what the code for a missing child was..CODE ADAM ***!!!! i thought it was part of your new employee orientation...but what do i know????

i'm just a mother! she finally called over head then calmly returned to checking me out without even blinking, OBSURD!!!! God is the only one to thank for that little girl being found!!!! lastly after being told that due to some screw up they made i could come back within 1 to 2 weeks to pay off my other layaway i left.

not wanting to go back today, i did for my kids to pay off their xbox kinect, this has been 9 days since i was told to wait a couple weeks. the cashier told me it had been about 5 min since she sent it back to electronics. after asking her to call and tell him not to put it back on the shelf she refused and rolled her eyes, i hate that i inconvienced HER! after going to get it and coming back to pay i was told that i could not get 10$$ back that they were keeping it.

i said i wanted to talk to a manager, which is pointless this day and time! but you never know, so i explained it all to her and she shrugged her shoulders and said it wasn't her problem. i then asked for the general managers contact info for which she replied it was private and she could only give me the store managers name. WTH????

it's a public store, aren't the managers of the place i spend thousands of dollars at public information???? obviously not. so it has all been reported to the corporate office who asked if i would like to contact them back in a few days to see what was happening. I responded with definitely not, i am finished shopping in a ghetto store where the customers are ALWAYS WRONG!!!

you can keep your cheap worthless *** and i'll do all my spending at toys-r-us or walmart from now on. and we wonder why America is loosing its humanity. at what point in time did it become OK to treat other PEOPLE in such a careless, snotty way?? and when exactly did this place start running WORSE than a ZOO?????


i'll be seeing you at your grand closing sale--hopefully soon.MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Livonia, Michigan, United States #588314

the correct spelling is ABSURD, but what do I know?I'm just a person with an education.

Public and open to the public are two different concepts. Kmart is no more public than an office building.

You cannot get personal information of a Kmart manager, just as you cannot walk into an office building and demand the personal information of the office manager.

Rapid City, South Dakota, United States #581578

The ads for stores are printed way ahead of time and the stores have no way of knowing how many of each item will sell before the day of the sale.

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