I bought an extended warranty from K-Mart for a $30 hair dryer in June 2009.I spent 3 hours being rerouted and calling 10-15 times.

Time is money. I could have made $30 in 3 hours. "Thank you for continuing to hold. Your call is important to us" If it's that important maybe you should have had more than 1 operator for the thousands of calls coming in!

No wonder K-Mart went under and was bought by Sears. It just seems like a scam.

My purchase price was increased by 12%.That's better than the stock market!

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FYi. Kmart bought Sears, not the other way around.


The warranty is a joke.I bought it in store on a PS3.

I have called the store I purchased it from, 1800kmart4u, 180099Kmart, and 18002503819. I have called each # about 10 times. No one can help me. It is just another way for Kmart to get your money.

Now I have a $400 PlayStation 3 that don't work. I should have got it through Wal-Mart.

If it breaks, Wal-Mart takes it back and deals with the headache of repairing it.The Kmart warranty is about as good as a burnt piece of paper.l


I work for a warranty company, and Sears did buy K-Mart, not the other way around. But it's not that there is one operator its that the call volume is higher at certain times, especially when people hear that the company is going under.


Get the facts straight. KMART owns SEARS!


We apologize for this inconvenience.It disappoints us to hear when our customers don't receive the best possible service experience.

Have you received a resolution yet for your hair dryer?If not, please email us at inquiries@newcorp.com, including your name and the phone number you registered your Smart Plan under.


And I am glad that someone else put that Kmart bought Sears and Kmart did not go under they are here large and strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You could have done it one line.It is an excellent program, it extends and guarantees you your money after the manufacturer warranty expires.

No additional cost out of your pocket they send you the prepaid mailing label if they want ot back.I did on abike and all they wanted back was the pedal and I received my 160 back for a new bike.


Kmart bought sears? And where did they not honor it?

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