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I purchased several types of Christmas stockings before Christmas as I was going to do my baby announcement and could not decide which size or color. I went to return the left over ones I didn't use yesterday still 12 days before their 30 day return policy and they refused to return the items because they were Christmas items.

My receipt says 30 days and the return policy in the store says 30 days. They told me they "use" to have a sign that said Christmas purchases on sale are final which was no where to be found I even asked to see it. So if the store policy is 30days and my receipt says 30 days how is this even possible they can just make up a new policy at will? Also they were extremely rude and mean to me as if I was trying to get over in the company by returning Christmas stuff after Christmas.

I looked around online and found one policy where they say anything Christmas items purchased after Christmas are final but nothing that says purchased before and returned after Christmas is final. This can't be legal is it? Also how can management and sales be so rude and mean to a consumer when the receipt and store clearly states a different return policy than what they are telling a customer. Also not much I can do about this other issue but I do feel something should be said.

I purchased Christmas gifts on black Friday obviously more than 30 days before Christmas that did not fit the people I gave them to, I came to exchange the products for the exact same product just a different size and they refused because it was over 30 days. Now what sense does that make considering 90% of products purchased on black Friday are gifts?

I could understand not returning after 30 days but no exchanges just for size??? So obviously DO not purchase Christmas gifts with Sears or Kmart EVER unless you are positive it's not defective and that it will fit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Christmas Stocking.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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First of all you are childish and should not be having children. Just because you were told no does not mean you were rudely treated.

You also do not know how to read.

I also checked the website and it says that seasonal items cannot be returned. So you either.- You are lying.- You do not know how to read.- You do not understand that Christmas items are considered seasonal items.


Reading your post clearly shows you're unstable


Just as an FYI yes it is legal. I love it when people think the law will protect them for a refund.

Once you purchase something it’s yours.

No one is obligated to give you money back. It is always at the retailers discretion if they want to offer refunds or the type of refund they would like to offer.

to Anonymous #1458887

Well, AN, you are wrong. Everyone's a lawyer, most of them are really bad lawyers.Lick my stinky feet!

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