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I tried applying for Kmart the other day as a seasonal employee.I answered honestly and as I recall, nothing I said was anything bad.

I called Human Resources to try and check on the application and they said I failed the questionnaire at the end. HOW IN THE ACTUAL *** do you fail one of those??

Wanna know what I think? I think they're bullshitting me. They don't wanna hire me because I'm a genuinely good person and they think I'm lying about it.

Kmart, wait til I get over there.Your boy, Demetrius (Yeah, I got his name) is gonna get his *** canned for lying to a potential employee and not doing his job by checking the *** sooner.

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Coeur D Alene, Idaho, United States #1239717

Judging by this peachy post I can't think of any reason they wouldn't hire your polite and welcoming persona. Kmart really lost a shining star by passing on you.

England, United Kingdom #1233071

Maybe they rejected you because when you put on your resume that you graduated from Harvard and worked for N.A.S.A they found out you were bluffing or exaggerating.

First Born Triplet
to 16James16 Ontario, Canada #1233268

I heard it was Yale

Houston, Texas, United States #1232839

With your attitude I can see exactly why you were not hired.You think so highly of yourself your head won't fit through the front door.

Also you seem uneducated so it is possible that you did fail the questionnaire? Or maybe they don't want to hire you because you are immature. If you presented yourself in the interview in the same immature and rude fashion as you are now presenting yourself I can see why they don't want you. They do not want someone that is going to cause trouble and create a hostile work environment.

I know this is hard to believe but face it you are not as good as you think you are. You cannot get that "boy" Demetrius fired, and you have no right calling Demetrius a boy when you are the one acting like you are four years old.

You want a job, here is some advise, grow up, stop thinking you are better than everyone else and get off your high horse and overly high ego.If you were better than everyone else you would not be trying to work at Kmart in the first place.

to NowTellTheTruth Orange, California, United States #1237685

I don't know why this post was deleted but she admitted that when asked why she wanted to work for them, she said it was because her parents would not buy her a cell phone and she was honest and told them that she did not really want to work for them and her parents were forcing her to do so.She also admitted to saying if she witnessed a friend stealing would she report it.

She answered honestly and said no. But they said that that is another reason she passed. She said the manager called her on her home line but if she had a cell phone there would be no issue.

I have a feeling her parents asked her posts to be deleted because her replies were rude and they did not want her to lose her chance of getting other jobs.She is basically failing the interviews and questionnaires on purpose so they cannot hire her and she can blame the company.

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