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I had an interview at Kmart today at one.I walk in, just to be told by the 'customer service' lady that they are no longer hiring, and to go home.

I came home, called Kmart's National number, Human resources, just to get the number of the local store. I called and told them what happened... that lady should have informed some type of manager that I was there- regardless if they are hiring or not. Now I am supposed to go back for another interview at 5 today.

Lets see if they actually want to hire me this time.

Even if I get a job I refuse to ever purchase another item from kmart or Sears ever again.The best way to fight them is to take their money.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #217563

With you attitude why would they want to hire you in the first place?I am glad that they did not hire you.

You seem to act like a nine year and you have attitude. Makes me want to shop a Kmart more knowing they don't hire people like you. You don't even know how to use a phone book. Even a child of nine(the age you are acting knows how to use a phone book) You don't even have basic fourth grade skills.

If you behave this way when you were waiting for the interview they lied with you. WHy would they want to deal with you everyday? Perhaps once you grow up you can try again. Hopefully they will forget how childish you behaved by then.

If not your own fault.

Rosie, if you have a pratice of coming late than you have it coming to you.

They train you in grade school to do things on time so that you are prepared when you work.Don't act like you are in grade school if you want to be treated like an adult.


You really want to work for this company - every month, if you're a cashier, they threaten to fire you (related to register "metrics", forced to solicit for donation drives, and you can't be one minute late, god forbid. Treated like you're in grade school.

So, you still want to work there?


I called Kmarts national hotline to tell them what had happened.she directed me to Human resources..

and they told me to complain, I would have to call back to the orignal store it had happened at.

Oh and BTW I went to the interview- they told me they weren't hiring- again.

Think before you speak GETREAL I am not ***...Kmart is.


number one - i did ask for the manager- she said no managers were there.NO I called Kmart Nat.

hotline to complain- the Indian working for Human resources gave me the number back to the store.By the way I AM WHITE K THANKS


What ethnic background is that?


Probably both! I will probably be called out on this one, too, but I bet that the poster is of a certain ethnic background as well, just by the way it was written.


so you hate Kmart but you want to go back to interview with them?And you had an interview sceduled and the woman at customer service say they are not hiring and you just go home?

You don't think to ask for a manager?

You call the national number to get the number for a local store rather than look in the phonebook?Are you *** or just young?

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