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Update by user Apr 19, 2016

I am updating my review of KMART.COM. I received the item I did not get in my first shipment so I no longer have a dispute with them regarding merchandise or refunds.

I now have what I paid for. I still advise consumers not to do business with any company Sears Holdings owns. Their websites are a consumer run around. They do not offer a simple way to find customer service phone numbers or email contacts.

If you manage to find the customer service phone number you will be contacting agents in another country. These agents barely speak or understand English your problems will not get fixed by them. Do not contact the corporate office because they will just connect you to the foreign agents. Sears Holdings will take your money and not give you any easy way to get your problems fixed.

I will never make another purchase with their companies again. It is not worth the hassle or the headache. The problem will not be fixed until Sears Holdings gives better customer service! A purchase from their companies should not turn into a consumer nightmare!

Sears and Kmart are names people trust. It appears these companies no longer stand for the reputation they once had.

So until they fix their problems I still say Consumer BEWARE shopping any company Sears Holdings owns!!!! I learned my lesson the hard way and it was not worth it.

Update by user Apr 16, 2016

Any consumer ripped off by any Sears Holdings companies Sears, Kmart, KMART.COM, SEARS.COM, or any other company they own unite! I have started a facebook page for any consumer who has been ripped off by these companies.

Like the page and add your own story. Warn the 1000's of consumers getting hurt by these companies. Let Sears Holdings CEO Edward Lampert know how he lost your business. Tell the world about their bad customer service in who knows where that is obviously not in the USA.

Let people know how much of a runaround their websites are that give no clear phone or email contacts. Let consumers know it does no good to contact the corporate office. Edward Lampert's CEO compensation Is $4,300,585.00 how much do you make? Can you afford what you are getting ripped off for?

Let this guy know what you think as the consumer being ripped off. Go to www.facebook.com/KMARTripoff like the page and add your voice!

Original review posted by user Apr 14, 2016

Consumer beware! I ordered 2 hearing amplifiers from Kmart.com online.

I was sent an email that my items shipped with a ups tracking number. Kmart charged my credit card for the items. One week went by with no tracking info on the ups website because the items never got into their system. They never got shipped!

Called Kmart you get customer service in who knows where and they do not speak English! Was told they were out of stock on the items at the Mableton, GA store 3996 but the items would ship 4/11/16. Ordered items 4/3/16 got charged and received order shipped email 4/4/16. Order was received 4/14/16.

I ordered and paid for 2 hearing amplifiers. I received only 1. For get calling Kmart because you get people who do not speak English and they will tell you they are going to investigate it. Do not call corporate headquarters in Illinois because they will transfer you to another country to talk to the people who do not speak English.

I will never buy from Kmart again. I am adding the proof in photos and I hope it uploads.

Do not order from Kmart this experience has cost me $19.99 plus tax! Consumer beware!!!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Charris2016 stated that there is a room for improvement of customer service and did not recieve product. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "bad service, did not recieve product" of kmart shipping service and associated monetary loss in the amount of $21. Kmart needs to have the product delivered according to poster's claims.

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