I am offended as an American Family by your "Big ***" commercial.How are my children supposed to listen to this and then go out in public and act respectable?

I will not shop Kmart again until this commercial is off the air. This is a disgusting commercial and is dumbing down our country as a whole. You should be ashamed of yourselves. What are you trying to do to our families and children?

Do you want them to be *** cursing "Big ***" fools? Because this commercial says that. And I know a whole lot of people will think this is just great....but what about the future of our children? When they go into an interview as young adults cursing and yanking on their crotch--YOU are in part to blame for this.

Grow up and get America back to a respectable place.Your terms say you can't post profanity---what do you think "Big ***" is????

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Why not take responsibility as an ADULT, and tell your children this is not suitable behavior. If by the time they are ready for a job interview they don't know this you failed as a parent. There have been killings, swearings, nudity on television for years and we turned out all right and know not to swear and grab our balls in a job interview because our parents teach us not to.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #919324

The Kmart commercial is saying it is in agreement with teenage pregnancy. We all gave faults, but do we have to publicized it. We are the example for our children.


Try being a parent. If your kids grow up and perform like that in an interview, do not blame the media, blame yourself for not teaching them any better.

Tampa, Florida, United States #675682

If your children had really learned not to curse and listened to you. Like MY children. They would know better than to repeat the things they hear.


People complain over the dumbest most trivial things.I hope you realize, that the actors are not really swearing.

It just a play on words. If your kids are learning or going to learn to swear.

It is not going to be from a *** commercial.

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #660968

Yes I realize its a play on words but our children won't, and besides why make everyone think they are cussing anyway? And yes kids repeat everything that they hear so they will be repeating that commercial---I can see you have no children or otherwise you would want to protect their innocence as long as possible.

to psmith012 #661009

I do have kids, and my kids didnt see this commercial.If they did see it.

I would have used it, as a perfect teaching tool.

Of all the harmful things that are on TV.You chose to get all freaked out on a harmless.commercial.

to psmith012 #920152

Well, she may have not have children, however you do have children and you do not seem to be parenting them


You seriously need to pull thay big stick, out ur "big gas". I thought the commercial was quite clever.

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