Update by user Apr 15

After numerous complaints from other customers, K-mart has placed a new bench by the door.....issue is resolved at this time. Thank you K-mart!

Update by user Apr 15

After numerous complaints from other customers, K-mart has placed a new bench by the door.....issue is resolved at this time. Thank you K-mart!

Update by user Jan 24

As of today January 24, 2017 the management has once again removed the bench. The Clearwater Florida Kmart has no respect for their customers.

Update by user Jan 22

The bench has been put back as of January 1, 2017. Thank you Kmart for pointing out to the manager of the Clearwater Florida store the importance of good customer service, hopefully he learned something and will treat his customers with more respect in the future. Thank you Kmart!

Update by user Dec 29, 2016

As of today December 29, 2016 there is still no seating of any kind for the elderly or handicapped to use at the Kmart store in Clearwater Florida.

Update by user Dec 27, 2016

As of today December 27, 2016 there is still no seating of any kind for the elderly or handicapped to use at the Kmart store in Clearwater Florida.

Update by user Dec 24, 2016

I sent a message to Kmart via Facebook yesterday and they are discussing the issue with the store management.

Original review posted by user Dec 23, 2016

My 80 year old mother shops at the Kmart store in Clearwater Florida on a regular basis.For years the store provided a sitting bench near the door.

Just recently the bench was removed. My mother shopped at this store yesterday 12/23/16. When she called me to pick her up, she had to stand waiting for me for about 15 minutes. My mother like many other seniors need to have a spot to sit and rest sometimes times whether it's waiting for a taxi, a ride or just to rest a few minutes.

I asked the manager why they removed the bench, his response was, quote: "I made the managerial decision to remove the bench, things change and people have to change with it". I found his response to be disrespectful & arrogant. Walmart, Walgreens, etc provide a sitting area for customers. Kmart's action in removing the bench is discriminating against elderly & handicapped shoppers.

I asked the manager if he could put the bench back, he said no and walked away.Kmart is not doing well as it is from what I hear & to treat customers like this is just unacceptable.

Review about: Manager Staff Bad Customer Service.

I liked: Location, Products.

I didn't like: Disrespect of the elderly and handicapped, Management, Management attitude.

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PRODUCT OR SERVICE Kmart Customer Care
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Oh grow up, just because someone posted a negative comment and told you that you are wrong does not mean they are Kmart management.Seriously are you really this dumb that you would think that just because someone told you that you are wrong that they work for the company.

No retard, that is just an opinion of someone on this site. I wonder if you made your mother disabled with your anger. DId you beat her up and break her back because she told you something you did not want to hear?

Is the reason you are posting this review because of guilt?Before you make an even bigger fool of yourself no I am not a Kmart employee dummy.

Fullerton, California, United States #1262820

So since you directed a comment to Zack2001 who in another post admitted to being 15 can I come to the conclusion that you like to meet and talk to `15 year old boys online just like you came to the conclusion that I work for Kmart which is a lie.I am surprised your mother made it to eighty and you did not kill her in anger.

It is quite clear she cannot walk for long periods of time because you beat her. Just like you can lie and say we all work for Kmart I can also lie and say that your mother cannot stand for long because of an injury caused by you, and that you like chatting with 15 year old boys online because you are sick. But unlike you I don't ASSume things.

Grow up.If you are the age you act your mother must have been 74 when she had you since you act like you are six years old.


Obviously the negative comments posted to this review are those of the Kmart management team. Just proves how poor Kmarts customer service had become. No problem though, Walmart is right down the street and they have no problem with customer service, in fact they go out of their way to assist their customers, especially the elderly and handicapped.

Brenham, Texas, United States #1261611

And what makes ur mother so freaking special?I really hate that people think they should get special treatment just because they are ***ing senior citizens.

I personally will not cater to anybody, u have a problem with that, then shop somewhere else.And by the way, they are not required to proved benches or scooter or anything of that nature according to the ADA.

to Anonymous Ontario, Canada #1262302

Whoever wrote this never suggested that their mother is "special", they simply are stating that the bench should be put back so people like her mother can sit after shopping. Yeah the are not required to provide benches but she simply suggested they return it and the manager brushed her off.

to Zack Fullerton, California, United States #1262304

I am sure the manager brushed her off was because instead of coming up to her in a nice calm manner and discussing it like a civilized adult she immediately started complaining which is why the manager was arrogant, what she "forgot" to mention was she was rude herself.But we will never have her admit to that will we.

I bet if she came up in a more positive way the manager would not be so arrogant and rude and would not have brushed her off. Also if the mother cannot shop alone she should not be shopping alone.

If the daugher loved her mother she would have picked her up or been in the store with her and not made her wait 15 minutes.I don't see the issue and why the person is angry clearly the OP does not love her mother.

to Zack Dunedin, Florida, United States #1262422

Thank you Zack.....and if MakeMyDay read the complaint it was I who approached the manager, not my mother. As far as Mr. MakeMyDay, the Clint Eastwood Wanna Be, wait until he is 80 years old, if he makes it that long with his angry miserable attitude.

to Anonymous Ontario, Canada #1262303

Oh and PS one day your day will come, it may not be that long or it may be 60 years but one day you yourself will be 80. Then you will realize it is not abut "special treatment" but about comfort and other things.

to Anonymous Dunedin, Florida, United States #1262419

Zack, you are a very angry man, you need help!

to Anonymous Dunedin, Florida, United States #1262420

Sorry Zack, I was referring to the ignorant hateful comment from MakeMyDay2106 not you.What is this guy, a Clint Eastwood Wanna Be?

LOL!Sorry Zack!

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