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If you have a disability like diabetes better not work for kmart. Below is what will happen.

An employee with a disability "Diabetes" is allowed to be put down or told by higher levels of management that they should think about quitting since it must be to tough because of diabetes. Then mangers tell some employees that repeat to the individual that managers say that the individual is faking diabetes to get attention. So when an employee with diabetes is sent to the hospital or sick because of their disability then they are faking it. Wow the compassion of management and other higher office individuals is not high standards at kmart or possibly sears company.

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Roanoke, Texas, United States #590968

Tape recorders are very useful tools, to let them hear themselves and then if they do not shut-up, it could be posted and put on u-tube for all to hear. No-one has to be treated that way for no reason. Get tough, record and make a stand, if not just for you for all the others.

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