On Monday june 6,2011 the cashier Takia ask me to packing my items.I fell discriminated because I saw she packed others customers items but to me she ask me because I a hispanic.I complaint to the manager and I talk me that he going to talk with her(the cashier).

Kamrt should train better the employees how deal with te customers. Both the manager and the cashier, they do not care the satisfaction of the customers.

I planning open a file again kmart for discrimination because that how I feel.Discrimination is not nothing funny and any way.

Review about: Kmart Cashier.

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BooHoo Someone asked me to do actual work. I'm on welfare so I don't have to work at all.

to Insistant Escanaba, Michigan, United States #627927


BooHoo: You must be a Kmart manager I know they pay you to walk around the store like your *** dont stink.Slaving the employees to do the work you think your to good to do.

There's a lead at my store by first name Sara she's rude and talks down to everyone, but everybody puts up with it because the store manager is in her corner and allows it.What goes around comes a around think about that!


are you an ***?

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