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I ordered a pair of Basic Editions pants on-line on 4/14/16. I received an email the next day saying the item was shipped and would be delivered before 4/19. I checked with UPS on 4/22 and discovered they had never received the item. I contacted customer service via chat. After giving the customer service rep the details, I asked what the problem was. She told me that the item was out-of-stock and she had no date on which it would be in stock again. I asked her how was I able to order the pants, pay for them, and get a shipping notice with a date of delivery if the item was out of stock. She had no answer. We went round and round, and I finally told her I wanted to cancel the order and have my money refunded. She told me I can only do that after I receive the item. When I reminded her that the item was out of stock and there was no telling when it would be back in stock again, meaning they get to keep my money for an unknown length of time, she again said nothing. So here I sit without the item I ordered and paid for, and I'm told there is no way to know how long it will take to get these pants. And, worst of all, I cannot cancel the order that KMart failed to fill, and cannot get my money back. My biggest problem is that I was not told that these pants were out of stock when I bought them, and I was lied to and deceived about the delivery date. I checked back on their website and discovered the same pair of pants being advertised in the same size and color, with no indication that they are out of stock.

It's no wonder they're going out of business. As a result of all this deceit I will never purchase anything from KMart again. There's only one kind of behavior I find utterly unacceptable, and that is lying. I will deal with no retailer that engages in defrauding its customers, and outright lying about the availability of an advertised item.

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