Wanted to purchase a chest freezer online. Chose the model I wanted for store pickup.

It has a sale price of $179. Went through the checkout process. At the final confirmation page the price magically changed to $244. I went back to the original link which was $179.

Did the purchase steps over again. Again the price magically changed to $244. Called their support number. Spoke to someone.

They took my zip code and tried purchasing the product. It showed $179. She agreed to pur the purchase through for me. When she got to the final page, her price jumped to $244.

She said she could check and possible refund the difference. When she came back her "manager" said no. Their IT department was updating the prices. I refreshed the page with the freezer.

It still showed $179. I asked for that price. The "manager" wouldn't do it because the IT department was updating the prices.

I will never shop at kmart again if that is how they treat their potential customers. If their website says one price they shouldn't be able to change it at the final step.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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