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I just went to the Kmart store on Patton Avenue in North Carolina looking for a wireless bra because I just had breast cancer surgery and needed something to wear comfortably. While I was there I couldn't find a decent priced bra, nothing was on the racks they needed to be on and every rack looked so much like clearance that I couldn't tell where the full price stuff started in the clearance stuff ended.

I grabbed a handful of bras and went looking for price scanner but there isn't a single price scanner in the Kmart building because they removed them all . When I took the bras that I had selected up to the register they did not ring up as clearance so I made three separate trips to the Intimates Department trying to find something reasonably priced and correctly labeled. The last time I went to the Intimates Department there was a rack that clearly stated everything was 50% off.

I grabbed a handful of camisoles that would do the trick and yet nothing that I grabbed from it was 50% off. All the cashiers can do is say I'm sorry because they don't have the authority to make it better.

Well this is a little bit more than I'm sorry it's like false advertising it makes the store look like nothing more than a junk store. It makes it feel like the store is trying to manipulate its customers into overspending at the cash register because they don't allow them the opportunity of knowing exactly what they have before they step into line and often customers will purchase what's in there cart any way to avoid embarrassment. I do believe I will not be shopping in that particular kmart store again. Not to mention the next Kmart that I go into that's all in disarray and nobody cares enough to help me will certainly be my last.

I don't feel the respect level shown to the customer warrants a good review or a return visit. If this is company-wide policy I believe I'll stop shopping at Kmart all together.

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Sears, the parent company of Kmart, is now a penny stock. That might tell you something. Best to shop elsewhere as they may not be around in awhile given their financial straits.

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