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On Sunday I purchased two pairs of pants in order to start work on Tuesday. Upon getting home I tried on the pants to make sure of the fit. Both fit fine but were a little long but that is ok I'm short. I washed the pants on Sunday and when they came out of the dryer they were like capris. I could not believe my eyes!@@@### I paid $19.99 for two items that are useless to me and I had to run out purchase more from another store. I will never use... Read more

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I canceled an online order one day after I placed it. A week later my order is charged to my account. $235. I am mad! I call and talk to manager. They say all I have to do is refuse the order. UPS will show it as refused. I will then get my refund. So, two days later I refuse and call 6 hours later. They REFUSE do to an refund till the package shows as "returned". A bunch of BS. I am looking at 3 weeks in total for a refund. When in fact I was... Read more

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Visited the Kmart store in Oxon Hill, MD, in hopes of cashing a check at their Money Hub. The very helpful associate contacted the store manager, who advised that it wouldn't be possible for me to cash my personal check because my address wasn't printed on the check. The associate politely explained, and was in the process of giving me directions to the nearest credit union when the store manager walked over and unmediately became irate! There... Read more

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My grandmother asked me to pick up a set of table and chairs that she had put on layaway. My boyfriend and I walked to THREE people at the customer service desk that had NOTHING to say when I walked up to the counter so I proceeded to say hello and told them what I needed. The man told me to walk to the back layaway service center where they would send someone back there, which the layaway center has NO signs as to where it is. After waiting a... Read more

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Head pharmacist will not refill a long-standing prescription 30 minutes before closing. He says it takes him 30 minutes to close the store and he will not stay over. Read more

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Went to kmart last night in Alb. NM off of Carlisle. At first me and my boyfriend were shopping around and I noticed a kmart worker standing by us. We kept shopping and he said he'd be right back and went to the bathroom. I was looking at some shirts and here comes another worker and said do you need help with something and I said no. So the first worker comes and pretends to fill up her water bottle and I say pretend because she put no water in... Read more

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I found an item on shelf with a price of $3. Clearly marked on clearance. The cashier refused to sell it to me. Grandview erie pa

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Worst customer service. Tried to return an item after one month one day refused to take the item for return or store credit or e v en exchange. Spent $160 or so. Read more

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Having just had a rather negative 1st time online buying experience with Sears/Kmart, I can now see why this company is doing so poorly in the marketplace. Customer service should be #1 priority guys. When there is a problem, help me fix it as easily as possible. You've lost a customer and my respect. Hope you guys hear this loud and clear -- Bill Kiss and Alasdair James. You're running a poor e-commerce operation, and I'm being charitable when... Read more

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I placed a Layaway Online Order. The Kmart site duplicated one of my items. I called Customer Service who said I still had to pay for the item and then return it to the store. Also Walmart has one of my Layaway items $30 cheaper than Kmart. Customer Service said they do not price match either. Quote, It is Kmarts price protection, what ever that means. So Dear Kmart. You can just keep everything, because I am Walmart bound. Read more

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