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Kmart in Moline has the worst customer service. I walked in the store on 12/13/15, and I immidietly noticed advertisement for $10 award if you buy $100 worth in mastercard gift cards. I decided to get 1 $100 gift card. When cashier scanned the gift card error has dpoped up. She then went to get customer service rep. Diana. Diana immidietly started taking promotional signs down, and informed ( no appology) me that the promotion ended on 12/12/15, yet the signs were still up. I decided to go to customer service desk and tried to get them to... Read more

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  • Kmart
  • Dec 11, 2015
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Went to Kmart in carliske pa and was too get $10.00 off and receive a $5.00 coupon , received neither. Manager did nothing . This is my last time shopping at kmart Add comment

I ordered a bed from KMART that UPS was supposed to deliver. The bed was supposed to be delivered in 3 separate packages on 3 separate dates. I was excited yesterday when I received an email from UPS stating that a package had been delivered and that a "cust man" had signed for it. I immediately left work to go to my apartment to pick up my package, assuming that "cust" meant a custodial worker at my apartment. (This was the largest package so I assumed it was the mattress which I needed desperately). Turns out my package is nowhere to be... Read more

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CASHIER issue. So today I went to Kmart cos I know everything is on sale because the store is closing soon. I bought a gift card from Raise and didn't bring enough cash also not having a card to pay. I didn't know Kmart doesn't take gift card so I tried to call my husband to come as soon as he can and our house is just 3 minutes away. Then I don't know what I did but seems like after I showing the cashier the gift card she looked at me like I'm really annoyed, she changed her mood after that. Although I wasn't rude or even showed her my upset... Read more

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  • Kmart
  • Dec 07, 2015
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Worst pharmacy ever Refused to take qualified good Rx drug card and tried to Jack up the price to double What every other pharmacy has telling me my common prescription is hard to get Add comment

Carmen manager, from 4708 kmart, is extremely disrespectful and very unprofessional. I work at kmart and she shouted, while other associates were around, about my physical disability which is personal. she could've sent me to her office which was the right way instead of trying to make herself appear like a big boss. Add comment

Every time I go to Kmart they are out of the pampers prevail xlarge. I checked with Kmart in California and found out they could not ship pampers to Guam. What really surprised me was that California has 2x in prevail in the yellow bag. I inquired why they did not carry the prevail 2x on Guam and the associate said,"We don't order anything they just send the items to us, we don't have a say on what we get." Here I am talking about the buyers of Guam Kmart that they,"did not know what they are ordering." When in fact they don't have... Read more

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Ordered item on line was supposed to be in store for pick in in 48 hours. Did not come (in meantime when out and bought the item at another store) Called online customer service to cancel item (after I called store who said it still had not come). Person barely spoke English said her would credit my account immediately and send an Email showing credit transaction. Email never came, credit card never credited. Called toll free customer service again, only to speak to ANOTHER person who barely spoke English and now told me I had to go to the... Read more

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I don't understand why Kmart buyers do not stock up on xl pamper prevail. Whoever the buyers are for Kmart I truly believe that they don't know how to fully developed the stores products. Just to let them know I am a very big spender but if Kmart buyers do not get their act together I will stop going there. I have been complaining that they don't stuck up on their pampers prevail xlarge. They have an abundance of prevail large. The green bag. This will be my last time to come there because Rexall is carrying a brand that I can fit. ... Read more

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  • Kmart
  • Dec 06, 2015
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Totally Disgusted with kmart wagga wagga was told something was there to pick up clearly mafe sure as i had to drive 91 kms each way and sais same...item was no where to be seen and all he said was sorry 182 km round trip pissed right off Add comment

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