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My children and I went to KMART in Anderson SC tonight looking for a doll that's in their Christmas catalog. Of course the shelves were empty so I found an employee finally and asked if there was any way to find out if they had anymore in the back she said yea check back later in the week. RUDE!!!! She didn't even fake going to look!! It's all good though because WALMART had the doll instock in... Read more

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  • Nov 02, 2015
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I have a complaint about Kmart. I do not understand why someone at Kmart Corporation cannot call me and discuss this issue. Add comment

I am disappointed that I, my family and friends cannot shop at Kmart anymore. I have shopped at Kmart forever. But now you have a dishonest employee at your store in Clemmons, NC and we will no longer shop at any Kmarts. Read more

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I bought some JVC Ear Buds about 29 or 30 days ago,they cost $19.99, they fell apart after 28/days, all i wanted was to ex-change them,wanted no money just ex-change them which they had the exact same kind in stock,was told can't do anything without a recipt, all they had to do was open the new box take the new ones out and put the old ones back in and get full credit,i wanted no money and told... Read more

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Ur kmart in niles, ohio gave me a $5 that was in half and wouldnt give me another nvr shop at kmart they like to screw u over. Read more

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On 9/21/2015 I placed an online layaway order with Kmart & made a down payment. On 10/05/2015 I made another payment. Due to unforeseen health issues, I was gonna be late with my 10/19 payment so I called customer service. Foreign lady told me not to worry cause I had 14 day grace period!! I was planning on getting it out on 10/31 so I didn't worry!! I received an email on 19/29 saying... Read more

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I ordered my costume on October 27th, the shipping said it would get here on October 31st and I just checked the shipping details and the shipping won't get to my house until Monday November 2nd. I am *** because now I won't have a Halloween costume for Halloween. The people who are in charge of the website should not say that the costume would arrive on time. I want a whole refund on my order! Read more

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I bought my son a birthday present online at it said it was suppose to be delivered friday the 9th. I got an email from UPS saying it was devilvered at 2:35. Mind you, I was home and nobody knocked. I looked outside after I got the email at 2:45 and there is nothing there. I called UPS and they said they really can't help me that I had to call Kmart. Which I started on the 9th. They... Read more

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This complaint is about store 4381, at least that's what the receipt says, which is located in Bridgeview, Illinois. This place does not accommodate the disabled, and we get treated with disrespect. It's a shame, because our money is just as good as everyone else! First, the store gives us motorized scooters we can use to navigate the store because some of us are confined to wheelchairs or... Read more

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Ordered a microwave - received a 6 piece bed set - then told the wrong information about return thru UPS. They offered a 10% discount to make up for the mistake - but when they went to reorder the correct item it was no longer available. So someone got my microwave and I got their bed set and now cannot even get what I wanted. I shop amazon all the time - never got a wrong item. K-Mart/Sears has... Read more

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